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Hypermobility - Intentional Living - Digital Decluttering

The goal is to share ideas, start conversations, inspire reflection, and continue learning!


As a hypermobile person myself, this is where I write about all the things I wish I knew much earlier that would have given me a massive edge on my journey of building a life I love (and reduce a lot of suffering!). You can expect to find exercises I find most useful, and tips on managing hypermobility-related problems.

Intentional Living

What we often forget is that we do not exist in a vacuum. We heal in relationship to others and what is going on around us. Here I share what I have found useful when it comes to designing a lifestyle that supports my well-being. With small shifts we can transform from being passive onlookers to powerful creators of our destiny.

Digital Decluttering

Technology should support our life, not run it. Here I share my journey on becoming a digital minimalist and how I leverage the good technology brings without becoming a slave to my devices. All in a bid to find more focus amidst the noise of today's world and reduce unnecessary stress.