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Move and Feel Better

Hi I'm Sharon!

London-trained physiotherapist,

Yoga & Pilates teacher.

I help you create more joy and freedom with easy sustainable mind-body habits, movement tips, and lifestyle tools so you can live your best life.

Life is for living to the fullest

And the ability to live it to the fullest lies in the joy and freedom of being able to do the things we love. But pain, stress, and injury can often damper that.

I share lifestyle tools and mind-body habits to help you create more joy and freedom - to help you move AND feel better so that you do not miss out on the memories that give life meaning. Because your health is the foundation of everything you do in life, without which you will struggle to achieve your goals and dreams.

I'm into:

  • yoga and breathwork
  • mindful movement that transforms your body
  • simple habits and mindset shifts that yield massive results
  • living an intentional and clutter-free life physically and digitally
  • cutting out the "meh" to make room for the very best
  • having fun as we continue to learn and grow

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but together we can explore what feels good, leave what doesn't, and learn how to harness our body's inner wisdom for healing.

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About Me

London-trained physiotherapist, yoga & pilates teacher, wellness writer, and world's most curious human (really!) with a focus on intentional living to explore how we can move and feel better to live our best life.

Word on the street

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I have just finished 4 months of physio with Sharon Moh. The initial problem was a sore knee but Sharon has worked on my flexibility and strength over this time in a very holistic manner. I am absolutely delighted with the results and the very positive impact it has had on my golf.

— Verified patient ★★★★★

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I cannot recommend Sharon highly enough. Sharon quickly diagnosed my core problem (hypermobility) and identified which muscles we needed to strengthen. She really pays attention to detail on positioning to ensure that we are targeting the correct muscles, and this has meant that it has been more effective than any previous physio I have tried. Sharon is very skilled in assessing how the body is working as a whole and adapting exercises to ensure I gain the maximum benefit and that I continue making progress. As an added bonus she is very patient and encouraging which has helped the way I approach exercise and manage my body.

— Verified patient ★★★★★

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Excellent service. Sharon really knew how to diagnose my problem and helped me to progress into a series of exercises to relieve the pain and build strength. I have been to a physiotherapist before but this is the first time that it really worked. Money well spent. Thank you Sharon

— Verified patient ★★★★★

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The [wellness] workshop was a great opportunity for me to stop and reflect on what I wanted for myself. Sharon helped me understand there are many ways of achieving happiness and satisfaction in life. She guided us through breathing exercises that allowed us to be present in the moment and let go of our stressors. I look forward to more in the future.

— Ilyanna

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I really enjoyed this [wellness] workshop. Creating the wheel of life has been a humbling experience as I start to realize the parts of life where I am lucky and blessed to feel fulfilled. Reflecting on parts where I wanted to improve on, and thinking of ways to make small changes at a time helps with feeling less overwhelmed. I really enjoyed the breathing exercises and the different ways of calming the mind and heart.

— Catherine

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The wellness workshop has been a rewarding experience for me. I loved the yoga sessions included at the beginning. It allowed me to have a chance to focus on different aspects of my current life, think about how I want my future to be and what I can do now to reach my goals. Through this workshop, I had lots of fun and gained so much from it! Please do more and I would gladly join them again!

— Joven