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Malaysia Truly Asia

Because we move a lot and I’ve lived in many places, home has just become wherever we make it. But technically, I was born and raised for many years in Malaysia, and technically, that would be home. Having been away for almost half my life, I have become a tourist visiting my home country. It is a wonderful place and what I miss most is the food (and weather when it’s madly blizzarding here!).

While I was writing a guest post for my mom’s blog, I found some books I wrote and illustrated from when I was 6 years-old. And then I spotted this.

The Things About Malaysia Book

The Things About Malaysia! Just for fun, we’ll travel back in time and start with an introduction from 6 year-old Sharon. Prepare to be amazed.

Story Page

Yeah, ok. I was neither a literary genius nor a promising artist. I like how I contradicted myself there. Trees will be green forever, not yellow. Then the trees were green and yellow. I got one thing right though, the weather is warm and the sun is blazing all year round. And I sure could use some of that heat right now. Not just heat, I would love a flaming inferno.

Because there is far too much to write about Malaysia in one single post, I will just talk about the two must-haves.

Coconut and Durian.

But first. The coconut.

The Coconut

The weather is unbearably hot and humid and there’s nothing like a good coconut or two (or 50 more) to feel cool and refreshed. And yes, no need for a glass, we drink straight from the fruit. We used to have a coconut tree in our backyard and I loved trying to climb the tree to pluck them. Even though I only got about a foot off the ground. I always wished I could be a like a monkey and climb it easily. Of course, my parents’ story is that I already was a monkey. Don’t listen to them.

Now for, the durian.

The Durian

The King of Fruits, the best tasting fruit ever, and yet some people hate it. Fair enough, it is very much a love-hate thing. Some find the smell overpowering but I love it. If you’ve never tried it, then you really must. The smell does stay on your fingers (if you eat it by hand, which you should because it’s fun that way) and it stays for a while even when you try to wash it off with soap and water. A secret tip, wash your hands with water running from the skin and the smell will go completely. Weird eh?

We even have durian donut, which is the weirdest donut flavour I have ever come across.

Durian Donut

And I don’t need to tell you, it was good.

People like to ask me how the national anthem goes. Please don’t. I may feel compelled to sing it for you. And then you’ll want to throw fruit at me and never come back!


Ocean Park

I absolutely loooved theme parks when I was younger. When I was 6, I was juuust tall enough to go on my first roller coaster at Genting Highlands in Malaysia and practically coerced my dad to come with me (yes I know, I’m such a bully). We went on the ride with my dad screaming and holding on tight…while I was having the time of my life! So when I had the chance to visit Ocean Park in Hong Kong, I felt like a 6 year-old looking for the next best ride!

Ocean Park Entrance
Cable Cars

There was soooo much to see! It was a blistering hot sunny day but we went on so many rides, cued two hours for the Raging River and got completely soaked, ate many Haagen Daaz ice creams and snow cones, enjoyed the best popcorn, rode the cable car and tried to win a prize from the carnival games (and failed miserably!).

The best part were some of their strange signposts that made me giggle. Isn’t it just dreadful I found this funny?


Then of course there was the FREE FALL. The ride was located towards the edge of the cliff, and as you ascended, you get the most amazing view of the surrounding sea. I had never been on a Free Fall ride in my life and didn’t quite know what to expect.  So as we were strapped tightly into our seats and slowly ascending, I thought “Hmmm…this is actually quite nice, I love the view!”. Then AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Forget the stuupid view I’m FALLING!! Which was of course the whole point of the ride but it felt like my heart was jumping out my mouth! In the end the little 6 year-old in me found my next best ride, but also found it too terrifying to go on it again!

The Free Fall

Have you ever been to Ocean Park?

A little tip, save the Free Fall for last!!


Chicken Feet

I love Asian food. And I especially love Malaysian food. But sometimes, just sometimes, they can look a bit strange and come with weird ingredients I have never seen.

Like what exactly are those black bits on the steamed fish?

Steamed fish

Turns out, it was some type of bean. And it was the best steamed fish I have ever eaten. Don’t ask me what restaurant because I have no idea. It was somewhere in Kajang (like that helps to narrow it down). If they just left me there I would never find my way back and will be lost forever.

There is one delicacy that is part of everyday Chinese cuisine. Chicken feet. Yup, chicken feet. The feet of chicken. Honestly, us Chinese would eat an-y-thing.

I have only tried it once in my life and never again will I subject my tastebuds to such awfulness. It was like eating rubbery and slimey skin. Ok, maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration. Some oddballs with a possible lack of tastebuds like my mom and sister love it.

Bak Kut Teh Chicken Feet

Bak Kut Teh is a blend of herbal spices that I love in soups. With chicken feet, not so much. How’s that for strange Asian food?

Don’t even get me started on pig feet and cow intestines.


Malaysian Ais Kachang

All this snow reminds me of the infamous Malaysian treat called Ais Kachang (“bean ice”). Also known as ABC, which stands for “Ais Batu Campur” meaning “mixed stone ice”. Doesn’t make much sense but it’s basically shaved ice with beans and different types of jello, topped off with a mixture of syrups. Sometimes you get sweet corn in it too. And depending where you go, a generous dollop of ice cream on top.

So refreshing on a hot, sunny day at 35°C. Which is pretty much every single day, all year round in Malaysia.

The best ABC you will ever have is at Putrajaya, in the mall nearby the mosque.

Malaysian Ais Kachang at Putrajaya

Doesn’t it look like a handful of snow covered in sweet syrup? With this terrible blizzard going on, I could make a 5,238 bowls just from the snow in my backyard. Or 7,482 mocha frappucinos!

Or I could just curl up with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.

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A Moo Encounter

We once took a family roadtrip in the Highlands and we were all fidgety, bored, and irritated after being in the car for hours and running out of car games. Then right in the middle of the road, were a group of cows. And not just the standard black and white cows you see on milk cartons and milk commercials. These had horns.

I thought he needed a haircut.

Highland Cow

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