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Glencoe Showcase

As much as I love taking photos, I also love looking at other people’s work. It amazes me sometimes at how some people go to great lengths to capture a shot they want. Talk about passion! One of my friends, Hao Chen, is such a person and I thought to share some of his photos (that I routinely stalk on Facebook).  He has kindly given me permission to showcase his work and all the photos here are taken by him.

Hike in Glencoe

Lake at Glencoe

Now for the Photographer’s Snippet – comments from the photographer himself.

“I was inspired by the views seen in Google Earth. I wanted to capture something similar and planned the Glencoe hiking route for this purpose. People normally start their hike from the east for safety purposes, but I wanted to get a view of the lake which is located to the west of Glencoe. Hiking from the east would not give me the optimal conditions for taking photos because the sun would be in my camera and the weather may not be great by the time we arrive in the afternoon.  So my friend, Cole, and I started our hike from the west. We were both shocked to discover such an amazing sight, which I don’t believe any photo can adequately capture. I certainly admire the wonders of God’s handiwork. As expected, I caught this great view with extremely bright sunshine and perfect blue sky which makes the lake look like a big blue gem. The weather did turn grey and cloudy in the afternoon and I was glad we took the abnormal hiking route. We did pay the price of course, as it was indeed a tougher and more dangerous path. We hiked from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Fortunately, we got back safely.”

From the top looking down

A twelve-hour hike. Up and down mountains for twelve hours. Just to get shots exactly the way you want them. I would probably last 10 minutes. But aren’t those great photos?

I guess if I want to take shots, I’m gonna need to work on my stamina. Time to clean the dust and cobwebs off the StairMaster.


Blizzard Madness

Needless to say it has been blizzarding terribly for the past few days. Temperatures dropping, snow mounting and driving is like figure skating in my car. Add to that some lightning and thunder as well, and it was like a snow storm! The lightning actually fried the power and telephone line at a friend’s house nearby. There was literally smoke coming from their router! Thankfully, it didn’t affect us at all except to give me a fright that made me jump out of my skin.

It snowed so much that our cars couldn’t get out. So out came the shovels to clear the driveway. I contributed by pressing the shutter to commemorate our first snow shovelling experience ever. Quite pleased that I didn’t have to do all that manual labour. I did volunteer to help but was told to stay out of the way because I would be too slow.

Slow indeed.

Shovelling Snow

Oh well, more time to take photos. Here’s my very own wishing well, buried in snow at the moment.

I’m still waiting for it to grant my wishes.

The Wishing Well


The Lone Tree (Take 2)

After people kept telling me my picture of what I thought was a tree was actually a bush, I decided I should redeem myself for such an evident display of sheer stupidity. In my defense, it didn’t really look like bush either! So anyways, I now have here a proper picture of a solitary tree. Brown tree trunk with branches sticking out, can’t be mistaken this time.

The Winter Tree


As Seasons Change

Most non-evergreen trees are completely bare by now and only have naked branches to display. Then I spotted this tree covered in snow but was still holding on to the ends of autumn.

I don’t normally get all wishy-washy but it made me think of the many seasons of life, and how sometimes I try to hold on to a previous phase or past glories (or like reluctantly accepting that my student life is now over). But funny thing about life, it goes on. And while some new phases of life may seem challenging, daunting, even scary at times, having the courage to go through it may just make me a stronger and better person. I have always thought that it is important to have the strength to surpass the difficult encounters in life. But perhaps, it is more important to have the strength to step out of my comfort zone and into uncharted territories.

Far too much thought for one day.

Autumn to Winter


Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

The only time I love going out in freezing weather and cold wind and suffer frost-bitten extremities is when it SNOWS. It is the only reason worth feeling frozen for. Of course, not forgetting all the fun that comes with it like building snowmen, making snow angels, having snowball fights and going sledding! We even tried building an igloo once, out of self-made snow bricks. It wasn’t quite successful because we couldn’t make the roof. We wouldn’t survive very long as Eskimos, would we?

It snowed a lot overnight and I hope it will stay for quite a while yet. It was simply wonderful to wake up to everything covered in a blanket of snow. I had a field day with my camera, and was out the door snapping away at 7 in the morning! With haste and excitement, I rushed out the house. Only to come back and discover, I was still in my pjs!

Pink cotton bottoms dotted with white polar bears scrunched into my furry brown boots. Elmo t-shirt safely hidden under a slightly less embarassing, unfashionable, oversized winter jacket.

I hope the neighbours didn’t see me.

The Street

Quite a different feel compared to the summer shot eh?