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Snow Is Falling

*Belting it out as loud as she can* “Snow is falling, all around me. Merry Christmas, everyone!” Wait, I think I missed a few lines there. What are the lyrics again?

I love taking photos of the snow. Even if my fingers feel like they’re going to freeze off. And even if I slip and slide on all that ice. Some things are worth the humiliation of falling on your bum.

As long as nothing happens to Blacksie. My black and sexy Canon.

Winter Leaves

More Winter Leaves

Even More Winter Leaves

Hmmm. I’m a little obsessed with leaves today.

But that aside.

Picnic Bench

Fancy a picnic?


I shall be serving snow cones, snow cupcakes and snow sandwiches =).

Misadventures, Photography

Another Eventful Day

I went to a random park, which looked beautiful because no one had been there yet. So it was covered entirely in the most perfect blanket of snow. I love untouched snow. And Christmas trees.

Evergreen Trees

Then I did something I’m really not proud of.

I gleefully kicked about and bounced around all over that perfect snow. It was so much fun! To put my signature on this “work of art”, I even used my footprints to write my name in the snow. But it completely ruined how beautiful it all was. And any photographers who came later would not be pleased (I stamped out my snow-name so they can’t track me down).

But I paid the price.

Furry Brown Boots Covered In Snow

I ended up with fur-with-clumpy-snow boots (which completely ruins them) and snow went into my boots. And there is nothing worse than wet socks!

Then I lost my balance and fell backwards, landing right smack on my bum. My jeans were completely soaked and my bum felt frozen. I would put up a photo to show you but I don’t think parading a picture of my butt on the Internet is something you’d want to see. I might scar you for life.

Wet feet, wet jeans. Two very awful things. I’m telling you, the invisible snow police are real.

But I’d do it all over again (with proper snowboots and waterproofs).


Shovelling Snow

I went to Storybook Glen one day, a somewhat fairytale type of tourist attraction.

Storybook Glen

But I was much more interested in this:

A Tractor

Wouldn’t you just love to have one of these to clear the snow off your driveway?! How jealous would the neighbours be?


Beauty In The Blizzard

While I absolutely love the snow and the fact that everything is covered in a blanket of white, sooner or later you get a little tired of it. Especially when you can serve brown slushies from the snow on the roads. And everyday you feel like you’re living in a freezer.

But sometimes you spot things that just completely brighten your day.

Like bright red berries. I don’t actually know for sure if that’s what they are. Strange to think berries would survive in the winter. Let alone a blizzard.

Red Berries

I wouldn’t eat them. Though I’m tempted to try.

Can I for one second not think of food?


Pursuit of Beauty

Everybody loves pretty, beautiful, attractive things. And hey, who doesn’t? The sad thing is that the world today also often judges a person by how good looking they are, and so we continue to pursue the elusive fountain of youth in desperation to cling onto beauty. Nothing wrong with that of course – I myself own plenty of creams, lotions and potions, curlers, perfume and primp like crazy.

But what I habitually love to do is look for the good and beautiful in the unlikeliest (is that a word?) of places. The meanest person you’ve ever met, the dullest town you’ve ever been to, the most boring scenery in the world – if you look hard enough, you’ll always find something good. I’m no Pollyanna, sometimes you have to throw your hands up in frustrated surrender that there is nothing nice to be found.

Today I found a dead leaf. Yup. A dry, ugly, brown, hole-y, wrinkled dead leaf. Most people would walk past it, never notice it, step on it. But through my eyes, there was something nostalgically beautiful about it.

A dead leaf

A Dead Leaf

I love the pattern and lines in the leaf.