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It’s 2011!

Sunset at Marina Bay

It’s that time of the year again – when the sun sets on 2010 and rises into 2011. Most of us in wonderment at how time flies whilst also resolving to lose the weight we’ve piled on from indulging in many a Christmas dinner (come now, admit it *wink*).

As amazing and fabulous as 2010 has been, 2011 will hold far more excitement, fun and lots more food! I can’t help but think each year will be better than the last.

Saying that, I wish everyone reading this post the most fun-loving, food-indulging, madly-exciting New Year!


Break The Chains

The Chains

I like old and rusty things, so sometimes I go out with the purpose of photographing old, rusty things. It’s quite obvious the photo above was edited, I was going for an artistic feel to convey chains as a symbol or metaphor. When I took the photo, I was thinking of things in life that maybe hold us down or hold us back from what we want to do or who we want to be. It can be seemingly insignificant things like fear, lack of confidence and insecurities, or something more serious like a long-standing addiction. We’ve all experienced it in some way or another. What I’ve found is that although I have great people around me for support, all they can do is to support. But if I want to “break the chains”, I have to make a conscious decision to do something about it when it might be easier to pass the blame. It’s a hard truth and a battle of the wills. And sometimes that’s the scary thing – to realize that your life is in your hands and that you’re responsible for your decisions. The trick is recognizing and admitting what our problem is so we can do something about it.

Even if it’s as trivial as indulging myself in all things sweet and chocolate, while consciously abstaining from any kind of physical activity. I hold my hands up, I’m guilty, I admit it. New Year’s Resolution – time to hit the gym I think (this always happens at Christmas time).

All this rambling from one photo. I should stop thinking so much.

Rusty Chains

We often traverse through life,

Weighed down, burdened,

Bound by what we allow to be.

But if we alone forge the chains that bind us,

Perhaps only we can set us free.

Any act often repeated soon forms a habit; and habit allowed, steady gains in strength, At first it may be but as a spider’s web, easily broken through, but if not resisted it soon binds us with chains of steel. ~Tryon Edwards


Old And Rusty

I love old and rusty things and I really don’t know why. I just do. I always wonder what the story behind it is. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a curious person and want to know everything. One time when I was about 12, I found a box of matches (that was very well hidden I have to say). I had to know how to light it. So while everyone else was busy around the house, I lit match after match until the whole box was gone. No one saw me so I thought I was safe. Then my mom shouts, “What happened to all the matches?!” And I realized in my joy of a new discovery, I had left a neat pile of used burnt-out matchsticks in the kitchen. When will I ever learn to remove the evidence. I was always told “Don’t you know curiosity killed the cat?” And I will retort, “That’s why a cat has 9 lives!” Honestly. You would think they were smart enough to know that.

Maybe that’s what it is. Or I suppose it feels like there is a secret behind something old and ancient. Then I see a lock on it and I feel even more intrigued. It’s almost as if the centuries-old secrets were forbidden.

When really it’s just a rusty door of an old shed. But I can’t help but imagine things when I take photos.

The Lock


Winter Showcase

It’s still freezing cold here that talking about more snow is the last thing you want to do. Until you see some pretty amazing photos that make you think “Gasp, wowww”. So I am showcasing yet another person’s work that I’m rather jealous of. His name is Ta-Wing Poon and all the photos shown here are his.

Now I am a huge Canon lover. In fact, all the cameras I have ever owned (both film and digital) are made by Canon. Ta-Wing here uses the Nikon D90. This makes us sworn enemies and we will never get along. But in the interest of art and photography, I shall put our differences aside. For now.

First up, we’ll start with some seemingly lost and wandering sheep.


Then a gorgeous river dotted with ice.

Icy River

Now for my favourite. Killer icicles. I like the composition in this one.

Killer Icicles

And finally, the photographer himself. The photo is taken by Hao Chen, whom I have previously showcased.

Taekwondo Kick

That is one mighty high Taekwondo kick. I think I’m going to keep all comments about Nikon to myself now.

Now for the Photographer’s Snippet. A chance to delve into how their mind works in creating great photos.

“I care too much about the technical details such as the exposure, ISO and shutter speed. After I have these settings in place, I think about the composition. As much as possible, I follow the Rule of Thirds. I took up photography almost two years ago because I wanted to be able to use a DSLR well to photograph my kids when they are born. And of course, I think the Nikon D90 is a great camera.” ~Ta-Wing Poon

If you just read that and thought ‘Whaaaaat?’, don’t worry you’re not the only one. All the talk about apertures, ISO, shutter speed etc. may be mind-blowing at first but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. I will hopefully write about that some other time. Though it does make sense to get the technical side out of the way to then focus on the creative.

But for now, I leave you with this wonderful winter showcase by Ta-Wing Poon.


Raging River

There has been loads of snow and ice from this blizzard, and as much fun as it is to slide and glide, it’s really not the best time to lose your footing and fall into a river.

Winter Wonderland

River In The Winter

It wouldn’t just be drowning you’re worried about, it’s also the icicles that could kill you!

The only thing worse is to meet the Snow Queen from Narnia. She scares me a little.