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Peachy Pink At Wagamama

Firstly, I have to apologize for being MIA in the blogging world for the past few days. Mostly because I was busy, partly because it scared me a little to receive so many comments for my last post.

What?! Scared?! What you on about girl?!

Yes I know it’s a good sign that people like it – but now I can’t help but hope my next post measures up! You know I like to give you my best (and not the fluff and lint in my pockets).

So here’s me going to lunch the other day at Wagamama. Again. Despite almost never wanting to step into the restaurant in the first place. But today was a momentous time in visits-to-Wagamama-history to be commemorated because I found THE dish that I will be ordering every single time I come here.

We had ebi gyoza to start.

Wagamama Ebi Gyoza

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Drapeback Coast Top

I get the feeling that most people think that I look a lot younger than I actually am. And I love it. But sometimes I wonder just how young people actually think I am! Because I’m very aware that my writing, the mishaps in the kitchen, how I dress, or my current short haircut (I always spare you my serious and professional side) can give the impression I’m about 10! That’s why I decided to dress a little more grown up today. Makes a change from my usual faded jeans and ketchup-stained sweater. I’m a messy eater, what can I say.

I bought this top from Coast about a month ago but never wore it so it’s time to whip it out. Check out their website for more amazing clothes! Online shopping is one of my many weaknesses and will be the end of me. But they have some of the most drop-dead-gorgeous gowns and dresses how can a girl resist!

Black and White

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Mystery And Masquerade

Ever just snap away with your camera and end up with photos you meant to write a million posts with, then forget to because you have a million other more interesting things to write about?

A frequent occurence for me.

I wrote about buying a Masquerade Mask for a party, what feels like centuries ago, and promised I would write about the whole outfit together. Then never did. So here it is now, photos dug up out of my external hard drive (that I dropped one too many times).

Broken External Hard Drive

Luckily, all files were retrievable! So yes, this was part of my delay.

Instead of wearing a black dress like I had planned, I wore a navy dress lined with a little black. I’m a girl ok, it’s part of our genetic makeup to change our minds everytime we think we’ve made it up!

Navy Dress

Dress was from Zara. I kept it quite simple because I always lose accessories when I start dancing. My secret superpower – randomly hurtling bangles, earrings and necklaces at all those around me. I was so relieved to come back with both my earrings in place.

Masquerade Mask

I really wanted to exaggerate my eyes, but it made me look scary so I decided against it. Mask is from Accessorize.

It was a great night, though it wasn’t much of a mystery because a) most of us knew each other and b) all masks came off after 10 minutes.

And I can’t show you photos of me dancing. I just can’t. I will never live it down.

Maybe one day. I rock Michael Jackson’s Thriller *laughs*.


Masquerade Mask
Blue and White Striped Shorts
Zara Waistcoat and Ruffle Top


Zara Waistcoat And Ruffles

I recently wrote a post about Sporting A Zara Waistcoat and I figured it was time for it to make another comeback appearance (even if it might give the impression I don’t have other clothes!). Quite frankly though, my closet is in dire need of professional help.

Now as we all know, sometimes we (and I’m mostly referring to myself here) don’t make the best choices in coordinating our outfits. Yet we wear it out anyway! I had a blue ruffly top from Zara that I love, for no other reason than the fact it had RUFFLES.

*lightbulb* Hey, wouldn’t that be a great name for a puppy? Ruffles! I digress.

So I decided to wear a waistcoat and a top with ruffles. I look back and wonder if that was really such a good idea. I thought it looked like they go together. Kinda. Maybe. Sorta.

Zara Waistcoat and Ruffle Top

My hair was frizzing that day like every strand had a mind of its own!

I went shopping and decided I felt like a biker chick (of all the random things!). So what did I do? I dressed up as one with black jeans and a black leather vest. All that’s missing was my helmet. And my bandanna. And bike. I simply can’t bring myself to show you the photo because I looked like I stepped out the Matrix movie looking like a cheese. I shall show you the perfected look one day when I get my bike. And I’m talking about the megacool bike like a Harley. Not a BMX.

I loved this ruffly top in the summer too. And I think this is such a fantastic shade of blue. I wore this chunky necklace with it. I don’t wear big necklaces much because they feel heavy, but something about this just caught my eye and I love it.

Necklace from Accessorize

Got it from Accessorize. Ain’t that great? It just looks so bold and strong.

I thought it went quite nicely with the ruffles.

Zara Blue Ruffle Top

I was having the time of my life swinging from a tree with a swing that we made with a rope and a dead branch as the seat (I’m very easily amused).

How hilarious would it be if it had broke!

Have a great week everyone! Have fun, enjoy life and show me your pearly whites! *big toothy cheesy grin*


Drapeback Coast Top
Masquerade Mask
Evita Peroni Earrings
Manolo Blahnik Inspiration
Blue and White Shorts
Sporting A Zara Waistcoat

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