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Asian Massage Places

I love massages. Nothing feels better than relaxing for an hour while someone kneads all the knots and tension out of your body. Simply glorious. I find that Asian massages are the best, because they get right deep into your muscles. It’s slightly uncomfortable but you come out feeling like every bit of tension has melted away, especially in the neck and shoulders. And you feel like a brand new woman!

Although I love Asian massages, it is well-known you have to be careful where you go because some places are notorious for being, let’s say, rather dodgy. Luckily, we had a friend, Miss Mango Bun, who took us to a good place somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui.

We approached an old run-down looking building and deserted stairwell. Talk about dodgy – this looked seriously dodgy. Being young and mindless, we were curiously excited to check it out. On our way up to the massage place, we saw this sign.

Massage Sign

Well this is…rather…comforting. My camera actually fogged up. Literally. Hence the blurry image. In my mind I was thinking “Only in Asia…”

But whaddya know, we went inside and it looked simply classy and cosy. I was so pleasantly surprised I completely forgot to take photos of the interior. Don’t you hate it when that happens? But take my word for it, good massage at a reasonable price in Hong Kong, Zen Spa on Hankow Road is the place to be. Simply glorious.

I decided to be a tour guide the next time and took another friend there, a Miss Custard Bun (Is it terrible I give my friends food names?). She seriously doubted my judgment as we approached – it was written all over her face. But she loved it in the end. We both had full body massages, and it was heavenly. Then the masseurs left us to change back into our clothes.

And the unthinkable happened.

By sheer stupidity, we managed to lock ourselves in the room. And we couldn’t get out! I panicked. This place was dodgy after all! Again, by sheer stupidity, we didn’t know how to unlock the door even though we were on the inside! (in my defense, even if it’s not a good one, it was a complicated door!). The masseurs were shouting instructions to us, we were shouting back asking what they meant. Didn’t do much good, we couldn’t understand Cantonese, and I doubt they could understand my abysmal Mandarin-mixed-with-English. Finally they took the boss’s key to open the door for us. It was such a hoohah. We stepped out into the hall (which had been empty but was now full of customers), looking rather embarassed.

I think I’ll just go back and lock myself in the room again. And this time, I’ll just stay there.

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It’s 2011!

Sunset at Marina Bay

It’s that time of the year again – when the sun sets on 2010 and rises into 2011. Most of us in wonderment at how time flies whilst also resolving to lose the weight we’ve piled on from indulging in many a Christmas dinner (come now, admit it *wink*).

As amazing and fabulous as 2010 has been, 2011 will hold far more excitement, fun and lots more food! I can’t help but think each year will be better than the last.

Saying that, I wish everyone reading this post the most fun-loving, food-indulging, madly-exciting New Year!


Merry Christmas

I had meant to write a Christmas post yesterday but my Internet failed me and so this is one day late! I truly hope you had a most wonderful and lovely Christmas with your families and that it was a joyous time of celebrations and festivities. I also hope Santa has been good to you this year! I definitely had the most delightful Christmas, especially since it’s the first white Christmas I’ve ever had. Oh the joys!

Christmas is possibly the most wonderful time of the year when children are laughing, families gather together and the sounds of presents being ripped open fills the air. On that note, I will leave you with some Christmas humour from my all-time favourite comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes.

On  Building Snowmen

Snowmen Crossing
Snowmen Salute

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5 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging Thus Far

So it is exactly one month and one day since I started blogging. And I have to say, it is a lot harder than it looks. For one thing, I have a keen interest in about a million things that I don’t really know what to focus what to write on. And to make it a chronicle of my life’s stories is simply, well, boring. Who would care to know I stepped in a puddle and ruined my shoes today or that I’ve left my mom’s plants to die and dry from having forgotten to water them while she is away (I hope to miraculously revive them with some plant CPR before she comes back). I’ve spent some time getting to know some very interesting blogs and I love digging through your archives to see the story behind the blog. Because blogging is a journey after all and whether you blog about food, fashion, photography, writing or everything in between, you started somewhere. And because you stuck at it, that somewhere has gotten you here. Which is hopefully where I might get to someday. But so far, blogging has already taught me many things. Not just new skills I’ve set my mind to learn, but many other things about myself and other people too.

#1 Blogging is a long and arduous process
Especially if you’re an impatient impulsive person who wants a million posts in her archives immediately. I blame fast food, the microwave and instant pot noodles for shaping this aspect of my personality. Before I started blogging, I thought it would be a cinch. Then I started to become constantly dissatisfied with the number of posts I had. After writing my first post I thought to myself, “I hate how my post looks so lonely on its own”. But blogs are not written in a day. It is something you keep adding to, hoping what you say is of some puny-tiny-miniscule-blip of an interest to whoever reads it. Having always been an impatient person to get the results I want (I’m not at all impatient with people by the way, just myself), I have started to learn that some things take patience, persistence and perseverance.

#2 You meet some of the loveliest people
This surprised me. A lot. And I truly appreciate all the comments, messages and emails that people have so kindly left me out of the blue. Even if it is in response to a comment I left, I’m glad you took the time to drop by and say hi. I always leave comments on posts that interest me because I like to. Or maybe because I can be a little nosy and feel the need to contribute my two cents. And even if you read my posts but don’t comment and I don’t know who you are (I’d love to get to know you though!), I still think it’s great you care to read what I have to say. You are all simply splendid and I have learned so much from reading your blogs and your helpful comments!

#3 I have a love-hate relationship with my spatula
I’ve learned many things about myself from blogging, even if I never intended to. You discover your own writing style, your own sense of humour (or lack of it), whether you actually like what you like or secretly dislike what you think you like etc.  And I’ve learned that sometimes I really really dislike cooking. And I’m still finding a way for the dishes to wash themselves. Why do I post recipes then? Well a girl’s gotta eat! Plus, I think it’s good to learn how to. And I’d quite like to look back on my first recipes in 10 years and be glad at how far I’ve come. Even if I have to turn 30 along the way. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be awarded a Michelin star someday. See how I like to get ahead of myself?

#4 Mirror, mirror on the wall
We are human, and sometimes we just can’t help but compare ourselves to others. And we want to be better or at least be just as good in comparison. This was the reason it took me SO long to get started. “These people take photos so much better than me, these people have a prettier theme than me, these other people cook better than me, those people are smarter, funnier, intelligenter, fashionable-er etc.” So what more could I offer the world wide web? The more you compare, the more you’ll never get anything done. And the principle remains true even when you’ve started writing. So I’ve learned to just do my thing, even if I’m still floundering along. Like my mom always says, “Never despise a humble beginning”. And look where it got her. Her website is now my culinary Bible.

#5 Does my butt look good in this?
If there is anything most difficult to shop for in this world, it’s jeans. My butt has to look good in it. From every possible angle – left, right, front, back, upside down. I’m sure I’m not the only girl in the world who does this. When I first started writing, I thought I had to write the perfect post like finding the perfect jeans – something to convey a great success and tuck the flaws away, jiggly bits and all. Ain’t gonna happen girlfriend. You can only write what you know, and what I know is that life is not perfect. Unless you were born a chocolate. So I’ve learned that blogging is not about writing only the good things, it’s about keepin’ it real, warts and all. And if your butt doesn’t look good in it, at least no one can see it (unless you post a picture).

Honestly, what a journey. And it’s only been a month! I enjoy it but boy do I still need to get organized with how I post about different topics. It feels erratic to write about anything at anytime, which is kinda what I’m doing right now. If anyone has any tips for this, I hope you let me know. But meanwhile I shall continue writing, and drink Milo while I’m at it because I love it.


“Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, be weird. Go out and screw up! You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.” ~Anthony Robbins


You KNOW It’s Cold When…

…you get icicles hanging on your house.


And the car is half buried in snow.

It's like an Ice Age

I’m glad that’s not my house and not my car. Don’t those icicles look like they could just pierce right through you?

I’d be careful stepping out that front door!