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Girls Are Talkative

All girls talk a lot. It’s an inherent talent we are born with. So no surprise that we spend hours and hours and even more hours on the telephone. And work up a super high phone bill every month. It’s almost as if we need to use up a certain quota of words everyday or we might explode.

When I was on holiday recently, I came across a mini museum of telephones. I had to take a look. I mean come on, half my life is spent with the phone stuck to my ear. It’s practically a permanent attachment. And all because Alexander Graham Bell, the great inventor of the telephone, decided to take paper-cups-connected-with-string to a whole new level. I knew that without even having to look it up – am I a nerd or what? Honestly, what person puts “telephone museum” on their holiday itinerary.

Old phones

More Old Phones
Even More Old Phones
Last one I promise!

Pretty cool huh? Or maybe not.

To make up for this boring display of phones through the ages, here’s a funny video.

It’s not a myth, it really is true. Girls are born talkative. Is she cute or what?


Girly Pleasures

What girl does not love shopping. Boys don’t even bother reading on, I guarantee you’ll be bored to tears. I love shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, food, crafty things and even…books and stationery. Oh do I love stationery. Pens, pencils, paper, folders, staples, markers, box files, I love ’em all. I can’t help but be a nerd sometimes.

But my favourite: accessories. They’re like children to me. I lost a pair of Evita Perroni earrings once. I cried. Why couldn’t it have been a cheap TopShop pair? Why? Not that TopShop is cheap, I buy their stuff all the time. It’s just cheap-er in comparison.

Girls and Accessories

My favourite colour is turquoise, can you tell?


My Little Sis

My sister and I were dubbed the “Moh Chicks” by those who rolled in our hood (excuse my lame attempt at sounding ghetto). People think we look like twins but we are complete opposites. As far as similarities go, the only thing we had in common are that we’re both girls and we have the same parents. She was sporty, outdoor-sy, loud, tomboyish, loved football and enjoyed all things that I didn’t. I was indoor-sy, girly, enjoyed shopping, played the piano, and loved to read. But we still master-minded many a mischief, and despite getting into lots of trouble over the years (we always got caught!), I love that little chickadee to bits.

Giant Big Sister Hugs

I still love you THIS much. And there is no escaping me.

My baby sister
Tale teller
Room messer
Junk food provider
Secret non-keeper
Closet raider
Chocolate hoarder
Non-stop talker
Personal driver
Mischief partner
Ultimately, my best friend.

“God made us sisters, life made us friends.”


New Beginnings

The thing about starting a blog is that you can go forever thinking about little things like what topics to write, what domain name to choose, what theme you like etc. Then just as you managed to set up the website and install plugins through file transfer protocol (I felt so smart learning how to do that), an error script pops up and nothing but a blank screen appears. Wasn’t so smart after all!

Starting a blog was something I wanted to do for some time, and I had actually registered and hosted another domain but never actually started writing because I got so bogged down by the details. There is nothing like indecisiveness to stop you from accomplishing anything. After spending a couple of years of just thinking and planning, followed by more months of trying to get things perfect first, I decided it is now or never. Don’t think, just DO. Everything else can slowly be updated.

So here it is, my very first blog post! Nothing exceptionally thought-provoking to say or write, but it’s an introduction, a step in the right direction. And maybe, just maybe, the start of an interesting journey to new and exciting things.

Taking a Step

Thank you for dropping by, and I hope you’ll pop back again. I’d love to hear from you so do leave your comments or email me. For now I will write about anything I can think of, things I love…the good, the bad, the ugly…or sometimes just plain silly. Inevitably, I will probably accidentally embarass myself at some point in the process, but what the heck, I’m just keepin’ it real!

“Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”
~ Doug Firebaugh

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