Hi there!

My name is Sharon and welcome to my blog. I have been wanting to start one up for some time and I’m glad I finally got around to it. After having blogged for a while, I realize I picked up a terrible habit of digging through other blogs’ archives in a close to stalker-esque manner (ok not really, I don’t wanna scare ya). But I do enjoy learning about all sorts of weird and wonderful things from fantastic people out there. I don’t have a razor sharp focus on any one specific topic as yet, so for now I blog about things that inspire me (especially when it comes to food and fashion).

I have far too many hobbies, which take up an insurmountable amount of time. I am a hugely sentimental person and I love photos and scrapbooking. You can never take the exact same photo or capture the exact same expression twice, which is why I take a camera with me everywhere I go. I love to eat, read, draw, shop, travel, play the piano, dabble in crafty things, and from time to time, become obssessed with cleaning.

I love doing things that I’ve never done before that terrify the living daylights out of me, which is easy if you have a fear of heights. I love indoor rock climbing but not being able to let go of the wall despite being securely harnessed is a bit of a problem, though I’m getting better at it. Coasteering (jumping off a 50-foot cliff into the sea) was perhaps the dumbest but most exhilarating experience. You definitely want an experienced guide with you for this, which I did. All in all, I believe we only have one life to live and should live it to the full.

A self-confessed food addict and avoider of exercise (not a good combination!), I have to make myself find ways to keep in shape. Gotta tone that tum and shape that bum, as they say. Of course, diet plays a hugely important role too and I eat as healthily as possible. I like food that is healthy, quick and easy to make, but still packs in fistfuls of flavour. Who says you can’t have your cake, eat it, and still fit into a bikini? Creating such foods on the other hand can be a problem and I’m making great efforts to learn.

My mission is to help others look good and feel good about themselves in my own very little corner of the World Wide Web. It is my hope that I would make a positive difference (big or small) to the people who read my blog. Whether it is by putting a smile on your face, lifting your spirits, sharing an encouraging word, or providing you with amusement at my expense!

I would love to hear from you so do leave your comments and get in touch.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you come back soon!


“Her identity is unique, while connected with purpose. She steps into her future with tenacity and views her past with gratitude for lessons learnt. Her family and friends are glad she’s just a call away, because her words always lift them up. With courage and generosity she makes a real difference in her world. She is vivacious!”
~Ruth Schmierer