Happy 2013!

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Despite my best efforts at updating often, it seems I always fall short. Or maybe it’s a question of discipline and I should just finish what I started writing (like my numerous half-written drafts).

In any case, it’s the New Year. Time for a new start and some reflection, to plan the year ahead, and see how you can improve on the last. And plus because I decided to be boring and not do anything remotely interesting, I had plenty of time to think. Or to think about my thoughts as I like to say. To look back on myself over the past year, the memories I’ve made, and people who have made a difference in my life. Unfortunately this also includes many embarrassing dig-a-hole-and-bury-yourself moments. Do I want to tell you any stories? No, not really.

But I will tell you about something fun some friends and I did. Sometime last year, I decided it would be insanely fun if we went hurling through the trees like monkeys after seeing an ad for GoApe, which was basically an obstacle adventure 50 feet off the ground. At this point I should probably mention that was incredibly stupid of me because I have a fear of heights. Actually maybe it’s more so of falling to the ground and then…DIE.


Climbing the Ladder

 After the instructors taught us how to harness ourselves, the first step was to climb the ladder to the top. I should have let everyone else go ahead of me because I climbed about 5 rungs…and froze. I was so ashamed of myself. Yes I know I was harnessed and it’s just a rope ladder! But there was still every possibility of falling to my death if I didn’t clip myself in properly. Even if I was only 5 feet off the ground… I have no defense, fear is irrational! After some pushing and shoving I eventually pulled myself together but boy were my knees trembling. You’re meant to complete the course without holding on to the cable you harness yourself from, but nuh uh NO WAY was I doing that. The absolute worst part was having to jump off the ledge for a Tarzan swing to the other side. If it wasn’t for my great friends who pushed me off the ledge (I should make new friends), I would’ve chained myself to the tree. 

But eventually as I became more accustomed and realized I was safe, it was actually…fun! After an hour, I walked with no hands. And Tarzan swing? Piece of cake! I can rule the jungle any day. 

No Hands!

No Hands!

By the end of it I was having so much fun. I didn’t need to be shoved, I jumped. I could have gone through the whole course again without a harness! Ok maybe not. But I would have loved every minute instead of being afraid of the worst that could happen (falling to death). 




Sometimes life puts you completely out of your comfort zone. It could be challenges with work, relationships, personal growth, health or facing people you don’t necessarily like. 2012 was a year full of change for me. New places, new challenges, new experiences, new people. Most of the time I felt hugely out of my comfort zone. And I hated it. It wasn’t just getting thrown in the deep end, it was getting thrown in the deep end surrounded by sharks and stinging jellyfish. You know the feeling. When you feel completely out of your depth, what you’re doing is barely keeping your head above water, and the waves are crashing in.

And most of the time we’re worried, anxious, maybe even a little afraid. What if we don’t know enough? What if the worst case scenario happens? What if I make a mistake? And we want an escape. But the reality is if we want to grow, there are times we have to be out of our comfort zones. If we’re always comfortable, we will just stay where we are. Perhaps we should just take the time to remind ourselves that it will be worth it in end, that it will work out in the end, and that it will put us in a better place. The real question is, ‘what will you choose?’. The difficult route, or the easy way out.


Decision Time

Decision Time

So here’s to 2013 and the adventure ahead head on! I want to wish you all a fantastic new year, full of joy, love, great memories and maybe a good challenge or two that you may climb to greater heights and achieve greater things. Because life is about appreciating what you’ve got, but also striving for more. Have a FANTASTIC year ahead, dream big dreams, and scale your mountains.There is so much about life to enjoy, even if sometimes you feel like you’ll fall to your death from a tree.

If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” ~ John Maxwell

Happy New Year!







P.S. I have stopped watermarking my photos because it takes too much time. Steal them at your peril. If I find out you’ve stolen them, I will eat your brains. Ok I’ve been playing too much plants vs. zombies. But I mean it, I’ll be watching you.

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  1. I would’ve been your best friend up in those trees; being there to push you off every ledge. Clearly you need better friends. :P Stick with me like Krazy glue, chickie, and I’ll show ya what true friendships are made of. ;)

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