Stockholm the Most Amazing City

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So it’s been over a year (OVER A YEAR?!) since I last wrote a post. In truth, I started writing many but never finished any single one because there was so many different things I wanted to share. There were many times I just thought to give up blogging altogether but I decided to keep it up and get back into it now because of all the lovely comments, messages and emails I still get from people over the past year. I hope you guys know how awesome you are and just speaking with you means a lot to me. In any case, here’s my “comeback” in to the blogging world for the umpteenth time! (So much pressure, I better make this good).

Of all the things I could write about, I thought I’d tell you about my trip to Sweden last month because it is truly the most amazing place I’ve ever been to. And if you were thinking of a holiday destination, Stockholm is where to go! I have never been to a place where I could say “Wow I can definitely see myself living here”. The environment is clean, beautiful architecture, great food, family-oriented, fantastic public transportation, great culture…I could go on! Like with all things, there is a downside: everything is so expensive (that would be the cheapo in me talking *wink*)!


Isn’t that just beautiful?!  My photography skills don’t do it much justice, you need to see this in real life to truly appreciate the serenity of this place. A trip to the surrounding archipelagos are definitely worth the time. This was Fjäderholmarna.

Old Town of Stockholm (Gamla Stan) is a must see. This was probably my favourite area of the city because I loved the architecture and the rustic feel. Fantastic restaurants here too! Most restaurants had reindeer meat on their menu. While I’m normally against the thought of eating Rudolph, I always make a point to try the local cuisine whenever I travel. Surprisingly, it was very tender and quite delicious! I had Swedish meatballs too and they’re nothing like what you get at IKEA – they’re better! But food should be saved for a whole other post altogether. So much yummy love in my tummy!

Smallest alleyway in Sweden

This is the smallest alleyway in Sweden.  Isn’t the architecture just fantastic?!

(I’m expecting you to nod your head in agreement here *wink*). You can touch both walls by stretching out your hands.
Unless you have short arms like me…

Gamla Stan

There are many tourist attractions to go to, too many to tell you about in one post. My favourite was the Vasa Museum, which is a reconstructed (95% original) shipwreck from 1628! The best part was you can take ALL the photos you like. The sad story is that it set sail on its maiden voyage on 10 August 1628 and sank in the Stockholm harbour. The poor ship didn’t even make it out to sea!

Vasa Museum

Wherever you go though, the important thing is to enjoy your time and make the most of your trip! When we were on one of the islands, we walked through a little forest area where, very randomly, a stage had been set up with logs for seats.

What was I to do?

Ta Daaaaa!!

Dance, flip, pirouette!

I hope you appreciate how I continually embarrass myself for your amusement.

Have fun, love life and enjoy your weekend!

“Dance like no one’s watching, sing like no one’s listening, love like you’ll never get hurt.”



  1. That’s a REAL LONG break from blogging! Glad you didn’t shut it down. I have actually forgotten that you have a blog :P Now you make feel like I must go and visit. I want to check out if I have long arms or short arms….haha. And that cute stage. I won’t even dare to stand on it. What if an animal like a monkey jumps out from the opening of the curtain there….LOL. Keep Dancing Keep Smiling! :D

    • Haha, I know. Will have to get back into it. But have to get my priorities in check too! :)

  2. Glad to see you back! Don’t be silly, you’ve got great photography skills. Next time I’ll just pass my camera to you so you can take all my photos for me. Or better yet, I’ll just sneak my memory card into your camera. Hahaha. Feels so weird to comment here now when I can real-time jab. :P Anyways, keep up the blogging, but no pressure. Always remember, blogging is for enjoyment….my enjoyment of seeing you embarrass yourself. JK!! Yeah, that’s my cue to hop along. ;) Hope you’re doing well.

    • wow.too far for me but i must give it to you for your naration and oratory skills

      • Hi Mario,
        Thanks for the comment :). If I’m honest, I’m a bit rusty with my writing and probably need to work a bit more on it. Thanks for dropping by!

    • -_- but I luvs ya clover doll *wink*

  3. Pls don’t shut your blog..

    • Aw thanks :). I’m trying hard to keep it alive haha ;)

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