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Helloooo! And a special hello to the new faces on Facebook! I was very surprised considering I’ve been so quiet for the past month. Maybe it’s the silence you like… *grin*

So I really haven’t meant to leave you in the lurch for an entire month! *Begs forgiveness* To make up for it, I’ll just ramble for longer *wink*. So be prepared, don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may want a stash of food and drink by your side, we could be here for hours.

I have to tell you about the fish spa because it has become quite the craze everywhere. And the other week a friend and I decided to go. Nothing like spending the day with fish eating your feet eh?

Little Fishies

The tiny little squiggly things look harmless right?

I never tried this before but I figured I could handle it. I stuck my feet in and screamed (hey they were eating me ALIVE). My poor friend (love her to bits) had to put up with a shrieking psycho thinking the fish were going to bite off her toes (doesn’t help that I’ve seen Piranha 3D where people actually DIE!). It normally takes a few minutes to work up the courage to calmly leave your feet in the tank. Or you can also scream “They’re eating me, they’re eating me!” for the entire time with your eyes squeezed shut.

"They're eating me, they're eating me!"

See what I mean?

I survived. And I still have ten toes. So you know it’s safe.

This is definitely something to do if you haven’t already. Your feet will feel softer than you have ever felt them to be. Exfoliating with nothing but a tickle! And have your camera at the ready for some ridiculous photos!

Sometimes in life, we’re faced with situations where we have to step out of our comfort zones to get what we want. But for a lot of us (including myself sometimes), we do all we can to GET OUT of it. We make the excuses, pass the buck and convince ourselves that it’s something we shouldn’t do or don’t need to do anyway.

Because sometimes it’s just too darn scary.

See in life there are many forces that try to keep us where we are, to limit us, to contain our potential. But the one thing we all have inside us, is the ability to overcome. We all want to grow, pursue bigger things, climb to greater heights. And sometimes all it takes to get to the next level is a little self-belief as we take a leap of faith out of our comfort zones into something new (I’m, of course, not saying we should be reckless and take stupid leaps).

And with time, often what we’ll find is that this scary-uncomfortable-zone we just jumped into, has all of a sudden become a whole lot more comfortable. Much like with the fish spa. Feels terrifyingly (irrational thoughts of piranhas here!) gross and slimey to begin with, then it becomes a pleasant tickle.

We all have hopes and big dreams, things we want to accomplish. Sometimes it’ll get difficult along the way, we may feel afraid of what might happen, or if we will succeed. But if we don’t try, if we don’t push forward, if we just let things pass us by, we may just miss a great opportunity and live to regret it.

My fish experience reminded me of all this. Sometimes I get very confused as to how my brain works.

Have a fantastic week! Put your heart into all that you do and know that you’ll do great!





P.S. I’m making changes to the site (by myself which is rather worrying!), hence the delays in updating and why things look out of sorts. I do apologize and will fix things hopefully soon and without problems. Thanks for being so patient!




  1. So happy to see a post from you, Sharon, I’ve missed you! You are a brave girl…the fish spa experience sounds like something that is a lot of fun once you get used to…and definitely worth the results! :)

    By the way, your re-design is looking fantastic!

  2. Hi Sharon..that must be fun. I would love to experience this ‘tickle feel ” but I think I will not be able to take it… too ticklish for me :p

  3. LOL! loved this post, Sharon. something tells me you, spas, and massage places are trouble. remind me not to go to any of those places with you :P. just kidding. i’m game for anything you are. we’d rock anything, right? that picture of you is just too cute! too bad we didn’t get a video version of it. haha. your friend is very brave indeed. thanks for posting this, gives me a little insight of what i can expect. i’ll remember to bring my earplugs ;). kudos to you for always having the courage and curiosity to try new things, my dear. totally love that about you. don’t ever change that part of yourself.

    “Put your heart into all that you do and know that you’ll do great!” Well said, Sharonucius! Keep pushing, keep fighting, and “keep going and going and going”. Haha…did you get that last one? Continue pursuing those dreams Sharon, i believe in you whole heartedly :D. one last thing before i leave, “Sometimes I get very confused as to how my brain works.”…you know what i’m gonna say right? so i’ll just sapare ya :P. up up and away ;)

  4. LOL! I wonder is Loopsy here already…maybe i’m earlier than her! hahahaa… Really surprised to see new post from ur blog! I love fish spa… in miri here got but not really good..the owner said very hard to take care of the fish… haha… I totally agree with what u u connect this experience with life.. Glad to see ur “new” blog stripy! Love it!

    • WAY ahead of you, my dear :D.

  5. hi sharon, we do have this fish spa over here, it was introduced abt 2 years ago, not sure whether they still have it now. I havent tried doing this but i was told by a friend unlike you soak your feet in individual tanks, over here they do it in the same tank. Imagine all the feet in the same tank, not that hygienic..cannot imagine anyone of them have skin disease..did your feet feel smoother after all the tickling??

    • Hi Lena! Oh wow, everyone’s feet in the same tank…I don’t think I would like the thought of that haha. Here they make you wipe your feet with wet wipes as well before you put your feet in so that makes it a little cleaner. And if you go in the morning so you’re one of the first ones then it doesn’t sound so bad. Feet felt a whole lot smoother actually, I was quite surprised. Like baby’s feet :)

  6. The fishes grow.. and then the next time you go, they take big gaping mouthfuls of your fleshhhhh….
    *scary music*

    But I stick to the baby ones.. the big fish.. just too scary

    • I hope you know that this is NOT funny :P

      As long as they’re not piranhas haha

    • LOL!

  7. Yay, new post! Aww I would *love* to try a fish spa, no matter how ticklish it is!

  8. Hey your blog is looking awesome daaaaaaahling!
    I’ve heard about these fish pedicures…. not for me LOL… eeeww! But i think its so cool that you tried it :D
    *kisses* HH

  9. Hi Sharon, am a new reader of yr blog, I love it so much and will be back surely ….

  10. Sounds like the experience was awesome.

    Site under construction? I’m looking forward to the finished version of your site. :)


  11. I tried it a while back and just like you, I thought it was gonna bite my toes off! Piranha the movie was pretty freaky too. :\ Yikes!

    But I must say the fish spa is a must try! I mean, at least for once, you just have to try it out. :) After a while, you get used to it and kinda enjoy the tingly sensations. Hehe. For what its worth, the fish spa session is definitely a guaranteed session of giggles and funny faces.

    Have a lovely weekend, Sharon! x

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for dropping by :). So sorry for the late reply though. I haven’t been blogging for quite some time as you can probably tell. I’ve gotta start getting organized and get back into it soon haha. But I still always enjoy hearing from people :). Have a great weekend too! x

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