Blue Bat Wings

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Boy is it good to be back after a week away for work stuff! Though we stayed at the Marriott so I really can’t complain, it felt like a holiday to have the luxury of a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, gym and steam room to come back to after hammering our brains for a whole day.

In any case, due to all my busy-ness, I must confess that I’m a terrible blogger yet again for having not visited blogs as often as I would like, for not replying comments and emails (though I’ve read them all!), and for having lots to catch up on! I promise to make up for it at some point. Nothing like bribes freebies to make people forgive you eh? *wink*

So on to blue bat wings – the strangest blog title in the world I reckon. It almost sounds like some gross exotic acquired-taste food. But it’s all in reference to a blue sheer top I bought not too long ago with massive sleeves. At this point you’re probably thinking, “Good lord, what ridiculous odd hippy style does this girl have!” And you wouldn’t be wrong there because if I could have it my way, you would find me in sweatpants all day everyday (with the odd dribble of gravy or ketchup stains).

Blue Top

I gave you such a bad impression with the title but it’s actually not that bad is it? Get it from River Island. And now that I’m linking you to the store, I just saw a huuuuuge SALE sign on it. This top better not be on sale. Don’t you hate it when you buy something and two weeks later you see the same thing for half price? Anyway, let me show you my “wings”.

Blue Bat Wings

Now the more I look at it, the more I think it looks like pterodactyl wings. I still love it because it’s sheer and flowy. Besides, you’re hardly ever going to stand like that are you? It’s just so you can see the sleeves properly.

The blue striped square scarf is from Zara. I have an unexplained obsession for anything with blue and white stripes. Anything. You name it, I own it. I’m trying hard to get rid of this stripey phase but I’ve only succumbed deeper. I better try harder or one day I would be entirely outfitted in blue and white stripes. What an awful sight that would be!

Zara Scarf

Looks great for casual wear too doesn’t it?

I ain’t no fashion inspiration, but I’m all about wearing what you like and having your own style. Only you can look great as you. Though I will need to have a word with you if you insist on wearing zebra, leopard and snake print all in one outfit. I have to draw the line somewhere.

Speaking of reptiles…

Giant Reptilian

Isn’t that horrific?! I’m terrified of little lizards let alone a giant one. But thanks to my dad, I have a photo of it. The things you see at the park – you expect beautiful sweet-smelling flowers only to find a giant lizard.

Something has been playing on mind over and over for quite some time now so I thought to share it – and that is all you need to do is know what you want and go get it. Simple as.

I’ve always known to do that but what I didn’t realize was that I was letting other people’s perspectives limit me in the things I could eventually expand to do. People tell you that first you have to do this, then you have to do that, and after so many years you will get this and go on to do that. When really, you can make your own path to get there. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be controlled by our environment, our situation, our circumstances. Sometimes we try to fit ourselves into the box of what society thinks we’re meant to do. But all we need to do is to realize what we truly want, find a way to get it and discard the opinions that don’t matter. When that happens, you increase your potential to dream bigger dreams, and strive for greater heights. More so than you can ever imagine. You may travel the path less taken, but it may also be the path that brings you greater rewards than others. So don’t let the world put you in a box because that box is too small for you.

“There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way.”
~Christopher Morley

Have a most fantastic weekend!











  1. Oh my, you poor girl, swimming pool, sauna, gym, jacuzzi, and steam room. They must stop putting you through all that torture. Lol. Glad you were able to get some relaxation in after work!
    Hey, blog when you can, don’t blog when you can’t. Simple as that and no appologies need, dear. As long as you know where your priorities are and are happy with it. You’re the one who has to live your life, not other people.

    Only you can give such a crazy name to a shirt and then totally turn around and make it look so dang pretty. Lol (while shaking my head). I won’t be standing around like that, but I don’t know about you Ms. Elbow patch rubbing walk like a chicken girl. Haha! I’m really starting to wonder about you now :-D.

    AAAACK! Ok a little warning next time when posting reptiles. I read blogs on my phone and that guy was pretty up close and personal. Remember what I told you about Ocean Park? Same type of lizard. Where was this pic taken? I didn’t think you guys had lizards where you live.

    Very wise words coming from a bat-chicken girl. Ok, sometimes bat-chickens need to be boxed, but definitely not when they speak wisely like this :-D. I totally agree! Whatever it is that you want, reach for it my dear! Stop dreaming of food and dream those big dreams, girl :-P. Whatever it is you’re reaching for, I’m behind you, always will be!

  2. That top and scarf are simply amazing!! The batwing sleeves are a marvelous bonus!! : )

  3. Hey hey. I always enjoy reading your blogposts so much :) you write so .. smoothly. hihi
    But hey, the Marriot! That’s awesome. I stayed in the Marriot hotel in Ghent a year or two ago and it felt like heaven. I got champagne for breakfast!

    The blue bat wings are awesome, that top really looks good on you combined with that striped scarf! Don’t get over that phase :p stripes rock!

  4. So pretty…
    Boy if I saw that giant creature I would freak ;)

  5. Cool sleeves! :)

  6. hi sharon!! i hope everything is going well for you. Want to tell you that dont worry for not able to blog and blog visiting, do whatever you can! i’m still enjoying reading your post very much, girl! Looking gorgeous in all the photos and i especially like the last one, very sweet looking! I know how sometimes people just get their way in and how it actually affects our life and choices and after reading what you wrote, i know that you’re one person that are not going to be easily affected by people and one who is able to recognise the freedom of everything!

  7. Sharon its been awhile and seriously my blog is giving me probs! i did not see any updates from you site!

    The top is so sweet looking and i have tons of this kinda of tops in my wardrobe you look so lovely girl!

  8. I dont think everyone can pull off those bat wings LOL, work it girl.
    *kisses* HH

  9. Sharon, those batwings sleeve were in fashion many many years ago when I was a young girl. Not anybody can look nice in that but you look absolutely gorgeous! I will pass on reading about that big creature hehe.. My son, Nick will totally agree with you on what you wrote in your last paragraph because that is what he always do. I think you are very wise at that young age my dear:D

  10. loving the blue top!!!

    PS. omg giant lizard eww!!! its so scary looking!!!

  11. I love that shirt! You look beautiful – and the blue and white striped scarf fits the outfit perfectly. I just bought a blue and white striped boat shirt…LOVE it. It’s my new favourite. I know when things are my favourite, because they’re the first things I wear after finishing the wash. And then I have to wait another week or two before them again.

  12. I really like this kind of sleeves, they look great :)

  13. You look gorgeous in your blue top, Sharon! Love the scarf too, and you’re right it does look fantastic with casual wear too. Hope all is well with you, sweetie!

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