Veromoda Elbow Patches

Posted on Mar 5, 2011 in Not a fashionista, but I try! | 78 comments

I’m a geek at heart. I love math, science and imaginary numbers. So no surprise that I think elbow patches are so cool and I’ve always wanted some. Especially those that come on tweed jackets. I’ve always been tempted to cut the elbows off my jackets and sewing patches onto them. I love customizing my clothes, though I really can’t be trusted with scissors. When I was about 5, I loved cutting diamond-shaped holes in my pajamas. AND my sister’s. She allowed it because she was only 3 (and easily corrupted by her oh-so-angelic big sister). It was like an amazing discovery for me because cutting a triangle out of material that was folded in half, gives you a diamond!


I thought it was pure genius. It’s in a girl’s nature to love diamonds, what can I say. Also in a math geek’s nature to love practical geometry. I got into A LOT trouble eventually when mom did the laundry. But not before I got through quite a few pajamas and made her chase me around the room. She should thank me for keeping her in shape.

But I digress. Trust me, elbow patches look fantastic.

Fashion advice coming from a geek, I think not!

Ok I probably deserved that.

But I was real ecstatic to find a sheer black cardigan the other day. With (you guessed it) elbow patches!

Veromoda Cardigan

You can buy the cardigan at Veromoda. I got it last week so I’m sure you’ll still be able to find it in store. The sleeves are really long! The scarf is more of a turquoise green in real life. But it really doesn’t photograph well because it looks bright blue!

And if you look really carefully, you can see the pockets are lined with a brown suede material. I love suede, it’s uber soft!


I’ve worn this Zara top a million times. I hardly wear lipgloss because they’re so sticky and it makes me feel uncomfortable when I’m eating (something I spend a lot of time doing) but I thought this shade was fantastic. This particular nude shade is just right for me – not too pink, not too beige. Au naturale. Get it from Clinique! I got it for free but I’d likely buy it when it’s finished. It’s brilliant because it stays on but doesn’t make you feel like your lips are glued shut.


I can’t remember where I bought the necklace from. Topshop maybe? It REALLY bugs me how the third dangly feather on the right of the pendant is not a dark silver grey like the other two. I didn’t notice it when I bought it. Does it bother you too or am I just being a little obsessive compulsive? I desperately want to paint it in.

And I can’t forget to show you my elbow patches!

Elbow Patches

Are they great or what? They’re made of soft brown suede. So lovely to touch that I could go around rubbing my elbows all day.

Funny thing is, now that I have my very own outfit with elbow patches, I see everybody wearing them everywhere. I wonder if I’m a bit out of the loop and it’s actually (can it be?) in fashion for spring. I never keep up with the trends. I should probably start paying attention.

I wore this to visit a museum. It was only appropriate *grin*.






Masquerade Mask

Drop of Colour

Zara Waistcoat and Ruffle Top

Peacock Pendant Necklace

Peachy Pink

Blue and White Shorts


  1. Sharon, you look gorgeous, beautiful lady!

    • Thanks Jess! :)

  2. you look gorgeous!
    love the blue colour of your outfit

    • Thanks! xo

  3. This is my first time i visit here! Love your blog, keep up a good job. Elbow patches are cool!

    • Thanks Corrie, hope to see you back again :)

  4. First of all, yes, PAINT THE FEATHER, please paint the feather! Aaaack! It’s bothering me just looking at it. Oh dear, I need help :-D. Gurl you are hilarious! You know what I thought of when I pictured you walking around rubbing your elbows? What other jacket do you know of that keeps people held in that position? Lol. Think about it, I’ll be back to give you my answer after you “even out” your comments ;-). Ok now I finally have a second part to that quote. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a Mom’s nightmare. Ha! Poor poor Mary. I know you’re reading this Mary so just let me do this for you………”SIGH!”. You’re welcome, it’s the least I can do ;-). I have to admit though, the “MAGIC” part had me laughing good. Too cute!
    Lastly, looking cute and pretty as always dear. Can you come and pick out my clothes for me in the morning? Teehee. Love your style. I wish I stil had the figure to pull that off. I love Lo g cardigans like that, but I can’t wear them as I’m too short and it’d only make me look shorter. So jealous! Have a beautiful weekend lovely girl.

    • Dang! Lo g = long.

      • Lol

    • So sorry for the late reply! Crazy crazy around here I feel like I’ve lost my head lol. I know right about the feather! Lol. What did you think of when picturing me walking around rubbing my elbows? When I read that sentence the first thing that popped into my head was “A chicken?”. Oh right, I just read your clue – another jacket in that position? Now I’m thinking “Handcuffs”. I’m sooo confused lol. And now I’m just plain curious. What is it? Tell me or it’s really gonna bother me the entire day! Haha. Oh dear, what jacket? There’s NO jacket like that! Although when you mention it I’ll probably go “Ohhhhh…Sharon you’re an idiot for not thinking of this before” lol.

      I really did think it was like magic haha. Just shows what a “bright” kid I was lol.

      And girl, I’ve seen your photos, you’ve got the figure, you’ve got the style, and you’re totally rockin’ that hot mama look! I just hope I look like that when I have kids :D. Hope you’ve had a great weekend too!

      • Ok just let me have a bit more fun picturing you walking down the streets like a chicken. Lmao girl! Dang! I should play the guessing game with you more, youre so much more creative than me. Teehee. Ok I should stop messing with your mind. Karma is really going to bite me in the butt now. “Straitjacket” my friend. Please don’t go walking around rubbing your elbows. I’m sure hubby would love to put me in one of those. Haha. It’s ok though, because sometimes I do drive him crazy like that (teehee), but you’re too normal for that jacket. Don’t hang around me too much ;-). Wait, the diamonds thing makes me think twice though, even I didn’t do that. Most likely because they learned to take away all sharp objects from me…keekeekee. Please don’t be insulted about the straitjacket thing though. You know I’m only kidding, right?
        Sharon, you’re too good for me ego. I’m blushing right now. Thank you for your always sweet and kind compliments. Although I have been called a MILF, which is the rudest backhanded compliment ever! Don’t tell hubby I said that, even though it was him. Lol, jk. Ok, try not to hang around too many crazies like me too much. Hope you’re off to a great start to your week. No worries about late replies, or even replying at all, my dear. Life gets crazy sometimes and I know how hard it is to manage a blog (not that I do it very well) and life. Take care sweetie :-D

        • Ok, first I have to say how silly I’m feeling now after reading the answer. Not because it was so ‘duh’ that I should’ve guessed it, but because I completely took your question the wrong way! When you asked about what other jacket puts you in that position, I was thinking literally in that position. As in a jacket that was purposefully shaped to put your arms in that position! And I was thinking, what a straaaaange jacket, where did she see this? Lol. So that had me completely boggled for the entire day! And the whole time I was thinking, why would people buy that because you can’t do anything? Hence the chicken imagery. Honestly, my brain was just completely fried haha. And I always know you’re kidding lol :)

          What is MILF? I’ve never come across that term before. Hanging around ‘crazies’ are what makes life fun! ;) Hope you’re having a great week too! Take care! :D

          • I think we need to draw out these elbow rubbing positions. Lol. You totally got it right the first time. The straitjacket does put your arms elbow rubbing positions. Oh gosh, this is too funny and silly. We’re just taking turns confusing each other now. Always enjoy the good laughs from you. I’m seriously trying to figure out and picture how you’re rubbing your elbows like a chicken. Lmao!

          • Lol. Somehow we’ve managed to turn a simple conversation into a hugely confusing one. I think you deserve the credit for this one :P haha ;)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I have to say I love your look, the patches are amazing, especially given your history with them. On the necklace front, I didn’t notice the difference until you pointed it out, and then, yes it did bother me. However if you don’t say anything I’m sure no one else will notice! I do that stuff all the time, I just bought a shirt and then noticed it had a little dark spot on it. Frustrating!

    • Hi Steph! Thanks for popping by :). Oh I know right, just awful when that happens!

  6. The necklace is so hot! I love it. It’s a good added piece. :)

    You said you get the sheet masks from Chinese medicine shop. What are the brand names of the sheet masks?

    • Thanks Ahleessa! :). I don’t actually know because the words are in chinese! I’ve just replied to your blog about it :).

  7. You are so much fun! I love your freedom and your fashion style, very personal and creative!

    • Thanks Joumana! :)

  8. Lovely outfit Sharon!

    • Thanks!

  9. Hi Sharon, your blog is the only blog when I pop in the first thing I say will be, “WOW!”
    Or, “Holy Smoke”! Ha ha ha. And I feel like I’m looking at a Vogue or Cosmopolitan mag…..their top Asian model.

    And looking at your pics here 2 songs comes to mind, Roy Orbison’s ‘Pretty woman’. And Tony Bennett’s ‘The way you look tonight’……

    And under different circumstances, seeing a lovely young lady like you in this great looking outfit…it’ll be releasing the handbrakes and complimenting you with a bouquet of blue roses, “Sharon….you’ll make the moon come up an hour early”.

    Wayyyyy to go, Sharon… those patches. I remember seeing them when in England. Looks classy too. You sure have style!
    Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

    • I love those songs actually. They’re great songs.

      Haha I have far too simple a style to make it into any magazine. But thanks anyway lol. Like I said before, you’re just a real charmer!

      Have a great day!

  10. I love the necklace! I’m kind of the opposite of OCD…I didn’t even notice the different colour until you pointed it out. If it bugs you, then you should paint it!

    • Lol it’s good not to be OCD. But yeah, I think I’m going to at some point haha.

  11. Great outfit! And yes, paint in the feather!

    • Lol I will do :)

  12. Hey waddaya know? I Think this video may help.

    I cannot find the original, but I believe it’s Michelle Phan’s friend, Chriselle, who made the video. It’s a video on how to make new jewellery look vintage. I think you may be able to apply it to the feather on your necklace :)
    I thought it’d weird at first, but hope this helps. (Yes, it bugs me, too teehee)

    • Ah, hope my previous comment doesn’t go to Spam because of the link.

      *typo* “…it was weird…”

      I’m also looking for a jumper with elbow patches, I think it’s starting to become a trend, tbh. I saw some in H&M :D

      • Luckily it didn’t :). Normally when it’s the same person it should come through ok. There are still exceptions though – my spam filter is strange. I need the whole “type the letters out” thing that blogspot has. Haven’t seen them in H&M but now must check it out! :)

    • Thanks for the video! That’s brilliant! I just found out about Michelle Phan recently and she’s so awesome! Thanks a bunch! :D

  13. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m Indonesian btw, but i love to go to singapore! nice elbow patches and you’re so beautiful!!

    • Oh hi! Thanks for stopping by :). Singapore is great isn’t it? So cool you’re Indonesian! I’m Malaysian haha.

  14. Oehh love this on you!
    i love your website!
    so Cool to have it!
    i love your style nd your beautiffull

    thanks for the comment Dearest.
    new Post on my blog, : new light blue jeans

    xo model from holland
    everyday a new post.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Wow posting everyday, that’s quite a feat! :)

  15. You look very pretty in blue, great color on you! I think I’m liking the elbow patches. I never thought about it but it’s a nice touch to an outfit! I could die for that necklace though-so cute!!

    • Thanks Nicole! :)

  16. Funny how you used to give your mother a hard time when you were younger. It’s great that you were creative, kids should explore their creativity at a young age.
    I love the ruffled top and the elbow patches. I think they will look great on many clothes.

    • Thanks Laura! I think so too, but definitely need to find a way to put them together lol.

  17. Thats a great idea…loved the elbow batches on ur jacket. Wud look forward to more ideas.

    • Thanks Sonia :)

  18. Hi, I really dig your website. Nice outfit! :)

    • Thanks Lin!

  19. lovely outfit… by the way, your layout is great. nice blog!

    • Thanks Virginia! :)

  20. those elbow patches are really cool. thanks to dropping by my blog. im indonesian actually:)

    • Hi Regina! Thanks for popping by :). Glad you like it! haha

  21. Boo, the photos aren’t showing up for me! :-( But I’m sure it looks amazing!

    • Oh gosh, I hope nothing’s wrong with the site! Thanks for letting me know I’ll double check. If anyone else has the same problem please do say so!

  22. I love the elbow patches! hahaha and the necklace is cool. =D

    • Thanks Yessica! :D

  23. Love elbow patches too, I have a Burberry jumper that I loooooove with tweed elbow patches!

    You should take a look at my MAC and H&M giveaway here :)

    • Burberry jumper with tweed elbow patches? That’s right up my street! ;)

      Thanks for popping by :)

  24. would be funny to have a sister who cuts holes in my pajamas, haha ;)

    • Lol she was too young to stop me haha ;)

  25. yeah, talking abut cutting one time i cut the knee part of one of my old jeans, during that time that seems to be fashinable to have torn jeans and i think it didnt look too bad. those elabow patches are really cool and rugged loking!

    • Definitely remember the old torn jeans phase. Went through it myself haha ;)

  26. You look so cute with those little elbow patches. Work it daaaahling!
    *kisses* HH

    • Thanks girl! :)

  27. You look great in that shade of blue, Sharon. You are very creative and fun when it comes to fashion and the most important part, it works. A little story of you cutting holes in pajamas is too funny and cute.

    • Haha, I sure hope it works! Sometimes it can go awry! lol

  28. hey girl!! you look gorgeous and i ABSOLUTELY love the elbow patches on you too.. you’re totally nerd chic hahah.

    blogspot doesn’t give me the option of allowing ppl to enter their website :( i think because we’re on different blog formats you have to enter it in manually :( like when i come to comment on your page.. i have to enter it manually in the “website” box too.. i’m so sorry!!!

    • Some blogspot blogs have the Name/URL option, which was why I asked. But that’s ok if you don’t want to have that on yours, I just thought to ask haha :)

  29. I don’t think that you actually have to cut a hole into the jacket to have the elbow patches. In fact, it might make things more flexible as you could remove the patches later if you tire of them.

    I didn’t notice the slightly different color of the one feather until you pointed it out, so I’d say your over analyzing it.

    The blue color of the top and scarf are really striking, and quite lovely. I wish that my car came that color, too.

    • Oh yeahhh!!! Why didn’t I think of that! I feel like such an idiot now lol. Just cut oval patches and sew them over the elbows. Boy do I feel stupid now. Honestly, that didn’t even cross my mind till you mentioned it!

      Guys always think girls over analyze :P haha

      But thanks! :D

  30. how nifty are these elbow patches! so cool! thanks so much for visiting my lil blog the other day hun!

    • Hey there! Thanks for dropping by :)

  31. Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my eyes! :) You have gorgeous eyes too!

    It’s horrible having dry skin eh? I hate how I need to moisturize more than most people to have a decent amount of moisture or make my face look decent.

    I cannot wait to see your post on the sheet masks and eye masks when you get it.

    • Oh I know, same here :). Will try and write that post sometime hopefully!

  32. Thank you for being so sweet! You are so gorgeous and I love your blog and the fact that it’s not just about fashion, but about food as well!

    I’m a new follower!

    xo, Eva

    PS. LOOOOVe glutinous rice balls :)

    • Hi Eva! Thanks for dropping by. I love your blog and style too :). Already followed you :D. Glutinous rice balls are great aren’t they haha. xo

  33. So cute!! H&M’s been doing this thing recently where they’ve been attaching little suede-like elbow patches to cropped shirts and blazers. Been tempted to try one on… but then I don’t because the dressing room line is sooooo freaking long.

    P.S. I’m a nerd at heart but I’m still in denial about it.

    • You’re the second person to tell me this! Now I really must check H&M out because I hadn’t noticed they had that going on. Major dislike of long dressing room lines. Sometimes I just buy it if I think it’ll fit, then try it when I get home. If it doesn’t, I just get an exchange. Saves me time if I’m in a rush haha.

  34. WOOT! Happy to take full credit :-D. I’m doing my happy credit dance.

  35. You have a great blog and style!

    Well done :)

    • Thanks! :)

  36. i don’t like elbow patches *_*” never!!!
    btw, u look great & younger in shorter hair!

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