Phantom of The Opera

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Ever seen the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera musical? Isn’t it just romantic and full of great songs? I’ve always wanted to watch it in the theatre and was able to go at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London some time ago (finally!).

I was spinning myself giddy with glee. Literally.

Spinning With Glee

And to think you didn’t believe me.

That’s a preview of my outfit to come (as ridiculous as it looks in that picture). But first, the main story about why this musical is a must-see! If you’ve never seen it, or have simply just sat and thought of going to see it, I’m here to convince you that you have to make a point to go. It is my sole purpose in life. Go SOON. Today if possible. Not meaning to sound bossy here. Climb in through the roof with a rope and harness if you must. Ok maybe not, that might get you arrested.

Her Majesty's Theatre

So here we are outside Her Majesty’s Theatre. So beautiful! And for once my nightshots turned out nicely.

First things first, I had to buy the Phantom Story. It goes through how the musical came about, who wrote the novel and everything else. It was one of those things that was not popular in its time. How amazed would the original author be now! Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius for making the musical what it is today.

When I bought the copy, I realized it came with a rather big rip on one of the pages. What can a girl do but take it back to ask for an exchange! The salesperson blatantly said that I could’ve ripped it myself. I was thinking, “Gasp! I can’t believe you just said that to my face!I stared at him (practically staring him down). WHY would I purposefully rip a page of my beloved long-awaited musical story, then take it back just to ask for a new one. He finally (and begrudgingly) gave me a new copy, while muttering unhappily that he wouldn’t be able to sell the ripped copy now. Unless he would personally make a loss from not selling ONE book, I simply don’t understand his upset.

Phantom Story

While everyone was getting seated, I took a photo of the opening stage.

Opening Stage

Doesn’t look too exciting just yet. It amazes me how fast they change the stage so many times during the whole musical!

Then before you knew it, it was intermission.


See how different it looks? Gorgeous! I’m purposefully NOT going to show you the chandelier. It’s the most amazing part of the show and I’m not going to ruin it for you. How can I live with that on my conscience! (The stage brings out such dramatics in me.)

I never go to musicals without having ice cream at intermission. Ice cream is such a must.

Bards Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream was good, real good. So good that I wished I wasn’t wearing a nice dress so I could eat it sloppily and make a big mess. Ok not really, but you know what I mean.

Then just like that, it was all over. It was emotional, mind-blowing, heart-wrenching and you can’t help but tear up during the show.

Ok so maybe I cried a little bit.

Ok so I bawled like a baby what more do you want me to say! I felt like such a part of the musical I should’ve been on stage. Even if I’d only be good as a background decorative prop.

Stage Lights

That’s what the ceiling of the theatre looked like. Although I made it more of an artistic-ish shot, so the colours don’t look as bright.

So now for my outfit. I thought of writing a separate post for this, but I decided to keep it together and infiltrate your life just that little bit longer (feel free to kick me out!).

I thought a classic little black dress would’ve been nice, but I love how this dress from Coast (click here to see their collection) is just as classy and perhaps that little bit more interesting than total black.

Diagonal Lines

Coast Dress

This is a great dress to flatter the physique because of the diagonal lines. And they just fall at all the right places (hides the lumps and bumps!). It comes with straps as well, as most of their dresses do, but I prefer it without. It’s the kind of dress that would suit most occasions and would hardly go out of style. Timeless and versatile!

No outfit is complete without some accessories. And these earrings from Accessorize are just perfect. Go have some fun shopping their collection here. Seriously, just do it now.

Accessorize Pearl Earrings

They went together quite well I think!

Earrings With Dress

Now that I have successfully bored you to tears with this humongous post, I shall take my bow out. Thank you for being SO patient. Have I ever told you that you’re simply the best?

Just an aside note, I’m going to be missing from the blogging world for about a week or so because there some things I need to really sit down and focus all my brainpower on for just now. So I’ll be very sorry to leave you all for a while (yes I’ll miss you loads!), but I will be back to redeem myself for this period of absence. “Period of absence” – I sound so serious there. I’ll still reply and check out your posts as often as I can though!

Have a wonderful day! Stay gorgeous, strut that look, and turn some heads! Above all, smile, have fun and enjoy life!






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  1. How exciting! That show sounds amazing, and the stage looks beautiful! I love the dress you wore. It’s a good twirler and looks great on you, and the earrings you paired it with compliment it perfectly!

    • Thanks Steph! It was a very fun night haha. Glad you like the outfit! :)

  2. i have never gotten around to finishing phantom of the opera..i always fall asleep.hehe undeniably, the songs are great!

    • Fall asleep? Next time take me with you I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen lol ;)

  3. hahaha! very cute first picture :-D. pretty dress for a pretty girl. i love the diagonal lines. definitely would’ve chose black and white over plain black – good choice! although i must say, every girl needs one of those cute little black dresses in her closet. oh, and some lumps and bumps we don’t want to hide ;-). oh dear, Mary’s going to ban me from your blog soon. you pick your accessories very well.

    Her Majesty’s Theatre is simply gorgeous!what a beautiful night shot, Sharon. i should try playing with more night shots. ha, i say it as though i know something about photography, but i’m just clueless. ok so the chandelier thing is your way of getting back at me for the jacket thing right? aaaaack! now i’m so curious. tell me you at least got a shot for yourself. that will ease my pain a little. i’ve never seen this musical and would absolutely love to one day. you lucky lucky girl you! i know i’d be bawling (like my daughter when i steal her ice cream). oops, did i say steal? uh…i meant drop…yeah, drop, that sounds better ;-). your pictures are beautiful. i really like the ceiling shot, very artistic (again, no clue what i’m talking about, but i know it’s beautiful). thanks for sharing this magical night with us. i have a feeling i’ll be dreaming of chandeliers tonight…teehee.

    lastly, take all the time you need. we’ll miss you, but real life needs to come first. wishing you all the best with whatever it may be you’re working on. remember, dream big dreams. build those castles with legs ;-). have a super week, girl!

    • PS
      i love the remix of The Phantom of the Opera song (the duet one).

      • A remix? Which song do you mean? There’s quite a few lol. Most of them are sung in duets as well, so I’m really not sure which one you mean haha.

    • Oh the little black dress with always be a big part in a girl’s closet. Always :). And yes, some lumps and bumps we want to accentuate. That’s where heels come in haha. As physiotherapists, we always joke about it because we do a lot of posture analysis and normal alignment. What heels does is basically make your bum stick out more and pushes out the chest haha. Ok so maybe it’s not a very good joke and only funny around us physios lol. Ignore me haha.

      Aha! Now you’ll have to come to London to find out ;D. I did get a shot for myself if that helps haha. Tell K if we ever met, I’ll buy her all the ice cream she wants and make sure her mommy has her own share lol!

      Thanks for the kind understanding :). Just work really and yes, big big dreams and castles with legs too ;). Have a fantastic week too!

      • hilarious about the heels, girl! thanks for sharing that one. one of my (second) cousins is actually a physiotherapist so she makes wise cracks at me and my bad back all the time (so meany). you’re much nicer.

        as much as i’d love to see this musical, meeting you and Mary would be enough reason for me to visit Scotland, Pantom or not. i really mean it, you both are such sweet people. like mother, like daughter. aww….how sweet of you. i’ll definietly tell K you said that. just a little warning though, K eats a lot. she’s my daughter after all ;-). ok i’mma hold off on your bloggie stalking this week. i know you’re busy and i don’t want to bother you. take care, dear!

  4. I’ve heard so much about the musical! I’m so glad you said musical and not the opera. LOL I’ve never seen it but so many people I know tell me its the first opera they have been to. Oh -facepalm-

    I’m so jealous you got to eat ice cream during the intermission, sounds exactly what I would like to have.

    Cute dress! I love the twist on the usual little black dress, the print is quite lovely.

    • Lol I actually like operas too but I bet not many people do haha. This musical is definitely worth watching though :)

      Thanks! I like how it’s something different too :)

  5. The salesperson’s behaviour was unbelievable. So, freaking rude. Thumbs up for insisting on a new copy.

    The Coast dress is simply gorgeous and your paired it well with the pearl earrings. You must be a huge fan of Accessorize. They should offer you their stock shares for the amount of promotion/advertisement you’re doing on their products! =P

    • I do love them, among many other stores. And you never know, one day they might take notice and send me free stuff haha ;). And thanks!

  6. Oh my goodness it looks so exquisite! The Phantom of the Opera is such a beautiful story and that is such a perfect stage to display it! You look beautiful by the way!! Great dress!

    • Thanks Nicole! It was brilliant :).

  7. ‘Phantom of the Opera’ is AMAZING. I went to watch it last year and the minute it finished my sister and I wanted to watch it again. I think the best part of the musical is in the beginning when the chandelier is going up and the music from the orchestra is swelling… sounds sad coz it seems like such a small part but so AWESOME isn’t it?!

    P.S. Now my picture works! Yay!

    • Now can’t wait to watch Love Never Dies the sequel!! :D. Ya that was definitely the best part. Didn’t want to mention that in the post so I don’t ruin it for someone who may be going to the show haha. It was certainly AWESOME :). And yay you got it to work now! :D

  8. What an interesting post! I’m glad you had a brilliant time. You looked absolutely gorgeous, too!
    Makes me Really want to watch Phantom now. I adore musicals and I keep meaning to watch this one, but most of my friends have watched it already. I’ll drag my boyfriend along when we next go to London.

    How rude of that salesperson! Good on you for insisting on a new copy.

    All the best in doing whatever you need to do! See you after your hiatus!

    • Thanks Joey! It’s totally worth going! Yes, drag him along haha. You would both have lots of fun in London :D

      Thanks for the well wishes! See you after too! xx

  9. Seeing a show IRL is way more moving and intense and seeing a movie or reading a play – plus that theatre looks majestic! And you look pretty fantastic yourself!

    • Thanks Lisa! Definitely agree it’s more intense in real life! :)

  10. You look so pretty! I love your outfit as usual. :D Good job for standing up for yourself. I can’t believe someone would actually say that out loud. Also, I never knew who Andrew Lloyd Webber was! lol, I only faintly recognized his name because my concert band in school was playing his song. I hope you have a great week. Hopefully, life won’t be too hectic and stressful for you, take care. Can’t wait to read your next post. :)

    • Thanks Esther lol. Ya, I was thinking that’s just really not nice. If I had ripped it myself I wouldn’t have returned it. And thanks girl, hope you have a great week too! Life sometimes gets the better of me so I just need the time to focus haha. :)

  11. Wow! You look great! can’t believe some people are so rude! Good thing you got another copy in the end! :)

    • I know, but it didn’t ruin the evening so it was alright haha :)

  12. as gorgeous as ever! i love the dress and the earrings!

    • Thanks Jess! You’re always so sweet :)

  13. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite stories! I reminded me of my childhood situation I went through. I cried through the play… hehe~

    I love the earrings. It’s so gorgeous! Do you buy all your pieces or make some for yourself?

    • Lol I would do the same as a kid too. I cried watching the Lion King! When Mufasa died, I was SO sad haha.

      Thanks! I normally buy them :). Want to try making them because I have designs in my head, but I have problems with actually putting it together lol.

  14. Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite story ever since I was a kid, I don’t know why but the mystery behind the character has always fascinate me. You are so lucky to have seen the musical, too bad I don’t live in London :(
    Anyway you look gorgeous on your pictures, your dress is graphic and really nice ^^
    BTW thanks for having commenting on my blog, it made me discovered yours too. I have never been to Malaysia, but it is definitely a country I would love to visit one day, the nature there just seems captivating, it would allow me to take great pictures too ^^

    • You’re totally right. It’s so romantic and the mystery just adds to it. Definitely put it on your to do list for when you visit London :).

      Thanks for the compliments! Well if you ever visit Malaysia, gimme a shout and I’ll tell you the best places to visit and best food to eat :D. You’ll definitely get a LOT of great shots :)

  15. i love phantom of the opera! i’ve yet to see the live broadway which i hear is amazing!! but i love the book and the movie – such a haunting but romantic story. love the music!

    love your dress too – so sophisticated!

    • That’s a brilliant description! Haunting but romantic perfectly describes it :). And yes, great music too! Thanks Ilene :)

  16. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! <3 these photos are so pretty and the theatre looks absolutely magnificent! (:

    • Thanks for dropping by Tasha! :) Love your gravatar it’s so cute!

  17. Sounds like a fun night! Love the dress, looks very posh but not OTT!

    • Thanks! Definitely don’t want to look OTT :)

  18. Cute! Sounds like fun! :)

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment :) No,we haven’t taken down the barn wood yet ;) i’ll have it up for at least the next coupe months so I get to enjoy for a while :)

    • Hi! Thanks for popping by :). Good to know it’s not taken down yet haha. The wood is so pretty!

  19. beautiful theatre! and you’re gorgeous too. love your style and dress! xXx

    • Thanks Dina :). You’re too sweet xx

  20. That’s a pretty dress! I watched The Phantom at Her Majesty’s Theatre when I visited some years back. Loved it!

    • Oh awesome! It’s amazing isn’t it :D

  21. Hi Sharon, Phantom of the Opera played here months. My wife saw it with her friends.
    I guess I’m not much of a theatre goer, see plays….
    though I did study Shakespeare in school, enjoy poetry…
    But did go see ‘Evita’ as I was interested in her life, Eva Peron…and how she came into power.
    And ‘don’t cry for me Argentina’ is one of my all time favourite songs.

    Love that outfit you have on….won’t ask you about the number of shoes you have, ha ha.
    Like most women, my wife included, always must have the shoes to match.
    If two invitations to formal functions in a week, two pairs. To match the two new dresses.

    Till today I dare not count my wife’s shoes or outfits….All hers occupy 97% of the wardrobe, mine the balance.
    And 3 racks high of shoes, mine? Space for 3 pairs, ha ha.
    Oh well….She does look good in them.
    You have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.

    • Shakespeare is brilliant. Love some of his quotes. I’ve always wanted to see Evita too but haven’t had the chance yet. And that’s a great song, love playing it on the piano!

      Haha girls and shoes, we can never have too many :). Same for clothes lol.

      Have a great day!

  22. I love the Phanton of the Opera!! I really want to see love never dies but still waiting for when i have the time. You look gorgeous! You’re not from London are you? xX

    • Thanks doll :). Oh I really want to see love never dies too! Dying to watch it! :D xx

  23. I love your dress!

    The songs of the Phantom of the Opera are a classic. Sadly, I´ve only seen the movie and not the actual opera at the theater. Lucky you! :)

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for dropping by :). Their songs are brilliant aren’t they. Definitely worth watching it in the theatre one day :)

  24. great blog post. sounds like fun! though i’m not one for musicals ;)

    • Lol if it’s not for you, you probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I did ;). Thanks for dropping a line Seline :)

  25. hi sharon, i think i’m not the type that fancy theatre plays, i’ve never been to one and i do not know if it will last me sitting there up till end! haha!! that’s really a great shot of her majesty’s theatre and you look absolutely devil gorgeous in the last pic there!

    • Lol. If it’s not for you, then you probably won’t really enjoy it haha. I have friends who completely dislike it and can’t sit through a minute of it lol. And thanks! Haha. You always come up with great descriptions like ‘devil gorgeous’ lol.

  26. My favorite play of all time!

    • Me too! :D

  27. I love this play/musical! I saw it in Las Vegas a strectch from Her Majesty’s Theatre! But it was one of the best shows I have ever seen! Can’t beleive that guy was so tootie about the book!

    • Lol tootie is a good word haha. Definitely my favourite musical so far :)

  28. I love The Phantom! I first saw it at 14 and I cried for a week. Ummm, yeah, apparently I went through an angsty period as a young teen.

    That black and white dress is absolutely beautiful and it looks great with those earrings. You’re very vibrant and photogenic!

    • Lol it was so sad! I felt so sorry for the phantom. Thanks girl! :)

  29. You look gorgeous in that black and white dress with matching accessories…

    • Thanks Cheah :)

  30. you’re a a really pretty girl <3

    glisters and blisters

    • Thanks for popping by Michelle :)

  31. Hey beautiful, just wanted to let you know I’m doing a give away on my blog for $80/ £50 Amazon gift card :), do stop over and enter!
    *kisses* HH

    • Definitely hopping over to enter! :D Thanks for letting me know!

  32. OOO that theater looks beautiful!!!! The only place I’ve seen Phantom was in the Venetian (Las Vegas). Awesome, condensed version but… your experience just sounds all so much better!! (except for that rude pamphlet guy… lame!!)

    • Hi Sharon! It must’ve been amazing there too! Pamphlet guy – not great. But otherwise, it was brilliant! :)

  33. wow! i hope you enjoyed it! love the dress!

    • Hi Felicia! I had a great time haha. And thanks! :)

  34. God you look pretty!
    The dress is so nice, really nice mix of black and white ^^


    • Hi Mei! Thanks for popping by and for the kind compliment! :) You’re gorgeous too doll, and great blogging! xx

  35. I’ve seen Phantom on Broadway in New York many years ago. It was very exciting and surprisingly athletic. Aside from the chandelier, I really like the part in the second half when the Phantom is rowing the boat under the Opera. It is so believable!

    Hope that you’re ok.

  36. Nice blog here. Sounds like a fun experience! Love the dress too.

  37. How exciting Sharon :-) I saw the play twice, and was fun…your dress is very pretty.

  38. oh you look lovely here! :) that’s a nice picture of the theater too!

  39. hi sharon, i’m coming back again to let you know that i’ve passed you an award, know you’re busy. Pick it up frommy blog when you have time.

  40. I’ve never seen Phantom of the opera, I’ve always wanted too. Maybe next time I’m in London I can get MrP to take me.
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. Hope you’ve entered my contest daaaaahling, there is a shiny Amazon gift card to be won with your name on it :D

  41. Gorgeous theater there. Glad you shared it with us and your outfit is simply classy and beautiful. Will miss your post..come back soon.

  42. Love your outfit ans such a neat post!
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  43. You look gorgeous!!! I love this outfit!!! such a stunning dress

  44. sharon i LOVEEEE your dress omg it’s gorgeous.. and feels so appropriate for phamton of the opera hahaha.. something about the black/white.. i really love your earrings too.. it’s a nice spin on normal hoops.. i like the pearls.. it’s fun but classical! so cute!

  45. Blog hopping from Cheryl site to yours!

    Cheers and have a nice weekend!

  46. I watched it years ago and tears rolled down my cheek when Erik was letting go of Christine!!!
    BLack & White is the best! Luv them!
    And U! How could u take photo in there? Camera is prohibited isn’t it?! ^_^

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