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It has been a while since I wrote a post on photography so I thought I should get back into it by successfully stalking the photos of others. And boy was I glad I did! Because I found Lester Felix, whose photos I’m privileged to showcase today. All his work is brilliant, but I find his portraitures most compelling and I admire his ability to take timely shots while incorporating his creativity in composition.

I love photos of people, more so than photos of food, landscapes and close-ups. It’s because people are unpredictable. And you have to be on constant alert to snap a perfect picture that captures the essence of the moment – a perfect smile, a fleeting look of mischief – you don’t get second chances.

Penan (native tribe of Sarawak, Borneo) Children

The blue line in the top right corner is what makes this photo interesting in terms of composition.

Pilot Cockpit

Not quite portraiture, but I just think the shot above is brilliant. Especially emphasized with a black and white effect.

Group Jump

How difficult must this have been to shoot! To get a whole group in the air all at once. Timing is everything!

In The Rain

Night shots are all about perfect lighting. And somehow, he’s managed to even make plastic raincoats look sexy! Though I think the pretty girl helped *wink*.

And I thought you might like to see traditional wedding costumes of the Malays. I think they’re simply gorgeous!

Malay Wedding

The groom’s hat is SO cool!

I love learning from people better than me, so I will share some of Lester’s tips in the Photographer’s Snippet.

Spend a lot of time to imagine photos that you want to take to improve your creativity. When it comes to photographing people, always remain alert because certain movements won’t happen a second time. Look at everything that surrounds the subject because focusing on the subject alone takes away from the composition of a photo. Do many photoshoots to practice and improve. I also then share them with people who are also interested in photography who will comment on my mistakes and give me tips, which further improves my skills. Photography has to be a passion, something that you love and enjoy doing. Above all else, always remember “Practice makes perfect”!
~ Lester Felix

Lester uses a Canon and has every piece of equipment that I could possibly want for myself (including a telephoto lens!). He also taught me a lot about various lighting techniques but I think composition is the most important part of any photo because photography is an art. And a photographer essentially has to take a shot in a creative angle that makes for an interesting photo.

Hope you enjoyed his photos as much as I do and draw inspiration from them for creating your own works of art!


Glencoe Showcase

Winter Showcase

Father and Son


  1. hey Sharon,

    thanks for sharing those lovely photos with us. i love the Penan children and the Malay wedding. you almost wonder what’s going through those children’s minds. and the Malay wedding costumes are beautiful. i’ve never seen them before in person, only in photos. they look pretty comfortable too.

    there is so so much to learn about photography that sometimes it gets really intimidating. it’s such an ongoing learning process because technology is forever changing with the times. then there’s the fact that everybody has their own preferences and likes, the whole “beauty is only in the eye of the beholder” thing. thanks for sharing these photos and tips with us, Sharon. hope you had a great weekend.

    • Hi LeQuan,
      I think the same too. So now I’ve just taken to shooting what I love lol. I totally agree, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. When it comes to taking photos of people you love, I think all photos look amazing :). How could you think otherwise? Haha.

  2. Well done…. Love tis post…. I’m sure lester is so happy to read it… Sharon, wait u come back here n we go for one outing!! night outing! =D

    • Hellooo Miss Custard Bun ;). He’s a great photographer isn’t he? And those photoshoots must be so fun! Oh would love a night outing haha! More silly pictures? lol :D

      • Yeah…he is!! hahaha…i’m gonna love silly pics. lol!! without being silly is just not us…haha

        • I know, they’re hilarious! :D

  3. well done lester…

    • :)

  4. nice 1….!!~~~

    • Yup, he takes great photos :)

  5. love that “in the rain” shot!

    • Oh I know right! I was like wow now I want to buy one of those plastic things lol.

  6. when i was younger, i always find it amusing seeing people holding cameras taking shots at things that dont seem to look special to me, very common things..maybe just a tree, a road but now, i beginning to learn and sometimes admire too at these very ordinary pictures, we might not get the message that the photographer might want to convey to us sometimes but it doesnt matter..every photos can give a diff message for diff people.

    • Lol I used to think the same! Like hellooooo it’s just a branch? Haha. But now I have a much deeper appreciation for photography :). And you’re so right, different photos mean different things to different people. It’s all a matter of perspective :).

  7. Wow, great photos…thank you so much for sharing them, I sure enjoy! Have a great week ahead Sharon :-)

    • Thanks Juliana, have a great week ahead too! :)

  8. Stunning photographs. I really like the pilot cockpit, and like you said, the black and white effect really emphasizes it. The Malay wedding is lovely…especially the bride’s gorgeous dress!

    • I thought the wedding was real lovely too. Wanted to add a drop of culture from Malaysia haha. Glad you liked them! :)

  9. Thank you Sharon for this post. Really appreciate it. I hope that i can share more about photography with you. No doubt, your photos are amazing too. =D

    • Thank you for letting me use your photos! Would definitely love to talk more photography next time. And thanks, haha :D.

  10. Hi Sharon, sorry it took so long for me to finally drop by your blog. Mary must be getting impatient. Hahaha! I’m a big fan of your mum.

    Well, I’m glad I did & I’m impressed. Wonderful job especially at such a young age :) Our blogs do share some similarities. Luxury Indulgence is a one-stop blog by an ex-Flight Attendant, sharing years of Fine Dining, Luxury Shopping & Travel, adventurous Fusion Cooking experience, plus bringing you the latest Sale Events & Contests. Do stay tune for contests etc & chk out my lastest recipes etc! Till then!

    Love from S’pore,

    • Hi Shirley!
      Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comment :). Glad to know you’re a fan of my mom’s! You’ve got a wonderful blog too. I’ll continue stalking it in a minute ;). Stay in touch! Till next time :). xo

  11. Plastic raincoats have always been sexy! I like your advice about practicing taking pictures and paying attention to the background and composition of the photos. I didn’t know much about photography when we started our blog but I think that our pictures have improved overall, in part from the advice that you suggest. Thanks for the tips and the great pics! The groom’s hat is the bomb!

    • Hi Stevie! I think the photos on your blog are great! No need for any tips/advice really :).

  12. Sharon, thank you so much for sharing the photos and the tips from Lester.

    • Thanks Angie :)

  13. These pics Are soooo cool! I really enjoy watching them. Thank for the lovely comment honey . : )

    • Thanks for dropping by Grace! :)

  14. Hi sharon, here’s the link where you can buy the shirt of Chuck Bass ;



    • Thanks for the link Gioia! So nice of you to reply to my question! Like I said, not many people do :). Love Chuck Bass. Love the shirt :D. Though shipping is a little pricey so I’m still debating whether to get it ;)

  15. hi.))
    thank u for you nice comment.))
    people like you give me confidence in myself.

    you have good blog and i love you photo so much!!.))*

    • Hi Mary! Thanks for dropping by :). I’m glad that I could be of some encouragement, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

  16. Wow, he’s a great photographer! I love the arms in the airplane picture.

    • Thanks! :)

  17. Nice pictures! And the groom’s ‘hat’ is called a ‘songkok’ =P

    • Oh yeahhhh. Thanks haha. I knew there was a word for it but forgot! Terrible I know :P

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