Peachy Pink At Wagamama

Posted on Feb 26, 2011 in Not a fashionista, but I try!, Restaurant Reviews | 110 comments

Firstly, I have to apologize for being MIA in the blogging world for the past few days. Mostly because I was busy, partly because it scared me a little to receive so many comments for my last post.

What?! Scared?! What you on about girl?!

Yes I know it’s a good sign that people like it – but now I can’t help but hope my next post measures up! You know I like to give you my best (and not the fluff and lint in my pockets).

So here’s me going to lunch the other day at Wagamama. Again. Despite almost never wanting to step into the restaurant in the first place. But today was a momentous time in visits-to-Wagamama-history to be commemorated because I found THE dish that I will be ordering every single time I come here.

We had ebi gyoza to start.

Wagamama Ebi Gyoza

Then fried rice, which they decide to confuse us with by calling it Cha Han.

Wagamama Chicken Cha Han

And I had the Yasai Itame – flat noodles in a spicy coconut and lemongrass soup topped with fried tofu. I’m going to have this again every single time. It was delicious. So appetizing and I could easily eat ten bowls.

If I had ten stomachs.

Wagamama Yasai Itame

What does peachy pink have to do with Wagamama? It’s a soft romantic colour that I love and wore.

From top to toe.

Just kidding, not really.

Peachy Pink

And yes, I’ve shown this waistcoat many times, but I still love it. It’s from Zara. I’m starting to see it goes with almost anything! You can see close up details of it here.

Peach Pink Lace

Just so you can see the bit of lace, which I think adds to its softness and romantic-ness to the top.

And of course, not forgetting my “trademark” photo of my accessories. Don’t you just love it? If not the necklace, at least the photo? If neither, then ummm, well, hmmm, I guess, well…I’ll be ok.

Necklace From Accessorize

Oh and I just wanted to say for any bloggers out there, if you want your photo to appear next to your comment, go to and sign up for free. So if you comment on any type of website, your photo will always appear. In that way you’ll get more exposure for your blog. Also, some of your comments have gone into spam (which I get A LOT of) and often it’s because of links within the comment. Typing your blog address into the “Website” box automatically creates a link with the name you provide and would avoid this happening. So I’m really sorry if you commented and it never showed up. I try to catch it as much as possible though! The software is not always accurate!

Have a most wonderful weekend!



Evita Peroni Earrings

Zara Waistcoat and Ruffles

Masquerade Mask


  1. Hi Sharon, you sure know your food, apart from your fantastic fashion sense.
    I eat to live, not live to eat, so not really fussy what is in front of me, as long there’s rice, no goat, no buffalo, duck, lamb or sharks, ha ha.
    And not keen on fast foods, those horny ones, ha ha.

    Love your hairstyle, have always loved women with long hair…looks elegant yet same times shows lots of promise, potential, *wink*….and hints of adventure, sky diving and bungee jumping too.

    And your outfit would not be out of place at a Hollywood gala.
    Sharon, you have style, class and elegance, not to mention your lively eloquence.
    Where were you when I was handing out my resume?
    Ahhh, I guess grade 2.

    Hmmmm, you a graduate of The Swiss Finishing School?
    Oh ya, SYT stands for ‘Sweet Young Thing’, ha ha ha.
    Have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart.
    ps, would like it you just call me, ‘Lee’. Thanks.

    • Hi Lee :)
      I can see why you might not like goat, buffalo, lamb, sharks…but duck? It’s so good! Lol. Especially roast duck and Peking duck wraps. So the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” doesn’t quite apply to you does it?

      Long hair is definitely great – for many reasons haha. Hollywood gala? Haha now you’re just plain flattering me! ;) “Style, class, elegance, eloquence” – that’s more compliments than I can handle without going bright red lol.

      Oh yes, I read your reply about SYT – wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t ask haha.

      Have a most pleasant weekend too!

  2. Hi Sharon! You shouldn’t ever worry about your posts measuring up to the last one. We all love your posts; there’s always something new to learn or find out about. It’s always so fun to look at your beautiful pictures. Btw, I didn’t comment on your last post, so I’ll tell you here. I love your fashion sense! You can pull off sooo many things. Also, your accessories are so pretty. You have great taste! I’ve been so curious about something. How do you eat all that stuff and stay soo skinny?

    • Esther you’re so sweet :). Many things to learn? What things NOT to do maybe haha. I have a weakness for accessories lol. I don’t like it when people who I think are SO thin say things like “I’m not thin” but like I’m not actually thaaaat skinny. I cover the flaws ;) haha. Everything in moderation I suppose!

      • It’s true, you’re not thaaat skinny, not like anorexic skinny. You’re just right. :) Yea, people who are super duper skinny like size 0 and say they’re fat shouldn’t do that. Maybe I should try something like pilates too. :) How often do you exercise?

        • Lol you’re so cute :). Oh it’s really great you should give it a go! You feel such a great difference in your body. Stronger and more controlled in a way. At the moment, I kinda have to do it everyday, even if I don’t always lol. Lately haven’t had much time for exercise. I love running to de-stress but again, it’s been a year since I’ve gone. But I really must get back into it! Do you do any sports too?

          • I’m a klutz so I don’t know if it’s a great idea. haha Well, actually right now I’m lifting free weights. I just started. Last year I attempted doing it and injured my wrist, how embarrassing, so I had to stop. Now I’m taking it back up again so I can get in shape. I actually never exercise :p, not something to be proud of. But once in a while, when the weather is nice and I can wake up on time, I ride my bike to Chinese school and back on Saturday mornings. I love ice skating, but I can only do the skating part, no tricks. Also, because I’m a kid at heart, I love jumping on trampolines. :D What about you, sports and stuff?

          • Lol it’s for anyone! Depending on where you go though :). Free weights are brilliant. Really tones your muscles if you know what you’re working. But yes, gotta be careful or you could injure yourself! Good to know it’s better now so you can take it up again :). I’m much the same as you – haven’t done anything this past year. Sometimes it’s a case of finding the time. Bike riding is FUN :D. I love ice skating too…except I spend most of my time on my bum because I keep falling over lol. And oh, trampolining is like the best exercise – great for cardio, gets the lymphatic system moving, doesn’t injure your knees. Of course you have to watch out you don’t fall off it lol.

            For me, it’s weather dependant haha. When it’s nice, I like hill walking. I like cycling too but don’t have a bike just now. When it’s not so nice, I play badminton or dance around in my bedroom (does that count?) lol. This year I’m training to run half a marathon, which I seriously need to get started on, so I guess running is now on the list too :).

  3. omg! your soup looks and sounds sooooo good. spicy coconut and lemongrass soup? you are my foodie BFF! how are we so far apart. guess it’s a good thing though or we’d both be eating too much…tee. i just had a big huge burger, but if your soup was placed in front of me, i’d seriously still be able to down that.

    your hair is gorgeous, Sharon! i miss my long hair :( and your top is something i’d totally buy. peachy pink is such a beautiful colour. i thnk i have too many of those tops though. so many that once i asked the hubby what he thought i bought from the mall, and he replied with, “let me guess, something pink, flowery, and flowy”. shamefully, he was dead on. to my defense, a girl can never have too many flowy flowery things though, am i right? it’s in our nature to try to spread that beautiful peacock tail. the accesories, shoes, and purses are just bonuses ;-). let me just say, you’ve got some beautiful “bonuses” there. keep up the great blogging!

    oh, and no need to be scared. as long as you keep blogging the way you blog, i know you’ll have many readers. your blog is very refreshing and cute. you’ve got great writing style too and a wonderful personality. don’t ever change!

    • Yay you’re the first person to foodie BFF me! Haha. I love our shared love for food lol. And yes, I’d have to agree it might be a good thing or we’d be dangerously expanding our waistline! Haha.

      You should keep your hair long again, you look gorgeous with long hair as well as your hair now. So jealous you suit practically any hairstyle lol. But I suppose it can be difficult. My mom cut her hair when she had us too haha. Guess it was something extra for us to tug on apart from her legs and clothes lol. And girl you’re totally right, we can never have too many flowery flowing things :D. LOL and yes spread that peacock tail! I love the phrases you come up with honestly. So cute that he knows you so well haha.

      And thanks girl :). Though I’d be happy with a just a few lovely readers like you :).

      • WOOT! Foodie BFF’s. Haha. So I just realized peacocks are male. Haha. So throw everything I said about peacocks out the window. We are not peacocks! But thanks for playing along, you’re sweet. And even sweeter for what you said in your last sentence :-D. It’s true though, it’s hard to find sincere bloggers out there that you click with right off the bat. Ones that read every word you post and not just skim through the pictures. Btw, did you mean to say, “I’m going to order this every single time”? Was going to ask you in my last comment but I totally forgot. Anyways, hope you’re having a great week, foodie BFF ;-)

        • LOL. It didn’t even cross my mind that peacocks were male haha. Oh I meant what I said though – I don’t just say things nilly nilly. Ok maybe except for words like ‘nilly’ (where in heaven did that come from!). D’you know, I read this post many times over before publishing and never caught that! Thanks for point it out to me girl – I totally meant to say that instead haha. Hope you’re having a great week too foodie BFF ;) lol.

  4. Wow the food looks so yummy! Good thing I’m going out for dinner soon so I can satisfy my hunger haha.

    Love your outfit too darlin :) The jewelry is very pretty. And I think I am leaning towards the white version of the sandal as well :D

    • Hi Lyana!
      Thanks haha. And yes, definitely the white :D

  5. I JUST ATE and now I’m drooling again because of your food pics! :P

    Also love the outfit! And don’t worry about meeting people’s expectations, blog cos you love it and I’m sure whatever you post will be fantastic

    • Lol. Thanks doll :). And you’re totally right about that too :).

  6. Hi Sharon, I have been away from blogging too…so I miss the fantastic post with all the comments. I guess I’ll have to check it out for sure now! :D I love the peachy pink top and the accessories…the necklace is so cute and just right for you! I hope you know we like all sorts of posts…long ones short ones, lots of photos, or a little chatter… Just so it’s you and from the heart! I love it!

    The food looks awesome!

    • Hi Lyndsey!
      Thanks for your very lovely comment :). It’s always so encouraging to hear!

  7. I’m so hungry now!… lol~ I wouldn’t mine the fried rice. :X

    Both cosmetics, Dr. Hunter and DuWop, are US brand. They’re not that well known compared to others.

    • Oh thanks for the reply :). Probably why I never heard of them then. Don’t think we get too many US imports in the UK.

  8. Hi Sharon,

    I love to go to Zara too! You looks pretty and sweet on those outfits.

    • Thanks Ann! :) Zara rocks! Haha

  9. hi sharon!

    nice mtg you! :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    your foods pics are making me so hungry… great photos! what camera do you use?

    i love photography… i took a class in college… but it was a short course and i feel like i have so much more to learn.

    actually that food post on abbot kinney was a combination of using my iphone and my nikon D60. the histamatic app is my new best friend. :)

    defintely follwing your blog :)

    take care!

    - aimee

    • Hi Aimee!
      Thanks for stopping by, it’s great to meet you too :). I’m just an amateur really, but I love photography and still learning my way around it. I don’t know what histamtic app is lol. I only use Canon (which you might not like to hear since you’re a Nikonian haha – oh the endless Canon vs. Nikon debate lol). I’ve got a 450D and an IXUS 300HS point and shoot :).

  10. OMG Yasai Itame looks really good! and gorgeous necklace you have! you look great here :D

    • Thanks Amy! :D

  11. The peach pink lacy top looks gorgeous on you!

    As for Wagamama, I’ve been there a few times and still finding it hard to find something I love – but will try your recommendations

    • Thanks Ling :). Oh I’ve been there quite a few times and never settled on something I like either. When I go to restaurants I normally order the ONE thing and never venture to try something new. But because I didn’t find anything I loved at Wagamama I tended to try different things more. Until I found the Yasai Itame – now I’m hooked ;)

  12. the food looks yummy!
    the vest is not attached to my ruffle top .
    thanks for the sweet comment :)

    • Thanks Janet :)
      Very cute outfit still :)

  13. Beautiful necklace!

    • Thanks Moniek! :)

  14. That is quite a meal! Your Yasai Itame sounds really incredible. Peachy pink looks pretty on you…the perfect top for spring!

    • Definitely can’t wait till spring haha. Thanks Faith! :)

  15. hello sharon. thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about the sidebar. i actually had my sidebar fixed in one position so it wont scroll down.haha but you can try resizing the whole screen when you go to my blog, try pressing CTRL and then scroll up and down to resize it.

    im new to your blog and im actually enjoying it. im following.

    • Ohhh. Oops haha. Sorry about that then, it was just me! I’ll head back and try doing what you suggested :). I was wondering why I couldn’t browse archives lol. And thanks for dropping by! :)

  16. Sharon, you look so pretty! I too love your hair style. So woman and elegant.

    • Thanks Angie :)

  17. All that food looks delish! And so does your outfit, I am loving the pink lace!

    • Thanks Lisa! :)

  18. Wow….i’m working now…is so early..started at 5am… lol.. feel so hungry reading this post…n tat necklace…reminds me of the gift i got….=)love ur style! hugssss…

    • Hey girl! Oh wow that’s an early start! o.O When you come I can cook this for you haha. Do you wear the necklace? Hope you like it, I love these types of things :).

      • Hahaha…yeah…but finishing early too… oh..yay!! =D the necklace so much… hard to find nice one like tat here…

        • Glad you like it girl :)

  19. I love the closeup details of your necklace, the cloth and beads look so interesting yet they are all in the same color pallete shade. Cute blouse, so feminine and breezy!
    Thanks for linking that avator site, I tried going through it and now I must try to find a picture that flatters me lool and it is harder than I thought!

    • Thanks Hanna! Hope you find a photo you like :D. Having an avatar is definitely useful :)

  20. I hardly go to Wagamama because I find the food there so-so, but perhaps I’ll try the Yasai Itame next time :)

    And in reply to your comment: You’re Msian, too? That’s really cool! I love meeting fellow Msians (in the UK) in the blogosphere. Have you been here (the UK) long?

    I love your necklace! It’s so pwetty! And that peachy pink top Is very romantic. Nice!

    • Oh, I’ve followed your blog as well to keep in touch x

      • I’ve already followed yours ;) x

    • That’s what I thought before too haha. But ya the Yasai Itame is really good :). And thanks! :D

  21. omg the food looks awesome!!! i feel so hungry after reading this post!

    • Thanks Michelle! Lol

  22. FINALLY Another post from you :) I check to see if you have writtten anything and finally.

    First that food looks SOOOOOO good. I can actually hear my tummy rumbling. Now Im super hungry. So thanks for that ;)

    Second that vest..its cute but I do love the pink lace top under it and the gorgeous necklace

    I am SO hungry now ;0

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks for checking back! I know…*hangs head in shame*…I need to keep up with posting more frequently lol. Hope I haven’t made you too hungry haha.

  23. Cute blog! I love your personal fashion style. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    • Thanks Nicolette! :)

  24. You look absolutely adorable, I love your hair, and Wagamama is so yummy!

    • Thanks Leia! Wagamama is pretty good haha :)

  25. Thank you so much stopping by my blog and for such a lovely comment…very sweet of you! :)

    Liesl :)

    • Thanks for stopping by too! :) Stay in touch!

  26. OMG, all that food! Yum! I know what you mean about wanting to have ten stomachs! There are so many things I want to eat! And you know that? I’m the sappiest girl I know…actually, I like to think I’m romantic. The story I posted about Carl Sagan also made me cry too! xoxoxo

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one! Haha. That was really such a sweet post :) xoxoxo

  27. Oh that food looks amazing!

    • Thanks Krysten :)

  28. The food looks lovely! Your outfit is gorgeous too! I don’t blame you for wearing the waistcoat so many times!

    • Teehee. Thanks Danielle! :)

  29. I’ve been wanting to try Wagamama, and now I want to even more. That food looks so good.

    I love your outfit!

    • Thanks! Definitely worth a try :D

  30. Oh my goodness that food looks delicious!! I love that necklace you are soo adorable!

    • Haha thanks Nicole :)

  31. Oh yeah and I’m following. Love your site!

    • Thanks! I couldn’t find GFC on your site – is there another way to follow that I don’t know about? I’ve also dropped you a line on your blog to ask :)

  32. What a lovely pic of you doll! I love the necklace! And that food looks sooo delish! xo

    • Thanks Taj :) xo

  33. hei there,thank you for sweet your blog too.and i’m already followed you.feel free for follow back

    • Thanks for popping by! I’ve followed you too :)

  34. hi sharon, keep up the good work for your blog but shouldnt let it be a burden or pressure for you..more of fun.. yah? i think you paired the necklace very beautifully on that blouse!

    • Thanks Lena! Will definitely keep that in mind :)

  35. The food looks delicious. I haven’t been to Wagamamas in ages.
    I love your look here. The peachy lace top looks so pretty on you.

    • Thanks Sherin! :)

  36. Great blog! You should write more. Will stay tuned :)

    • Thanks Kendra! I will try to :)

  37. Wow, everything looks so yummy!!!
    I really really like your top :)

    • Haha thanks Miriam! xx

  38. Hey Sharon!

    If I did it right there should be a Google Friend Connect on there under “My Stars” on the right hand side of my page. If that doesn’t work please let me know because I would love to have you follow!! Thanks for letting me know.

    • Hey Nicole! Totally my bad! Managed to follow you now :)

  39. I totally get what you’re writing about getting a lot of comments and getting spooked. (You get tons more than we do but still) We got a bunch on the pumpkin shitake ravioli story last week and were thrilled but it made me very anxious at the same time. I like it, but should I really be that concerned about it? Why is it disappointing to not have dozens more with the next posts? And why did this take so long to happen? We wrote amazing stories over the past two years (we’ll be two on April 21st) (modesty be damned!) and everyone missed it! What fun!

    Your meal does seem very enjoyable and I always like your fashion. That necklace is attractive but looks like it weighs a lot. No wonder you needed a big lunch after the workout!

    • You’re so right Stevie :). We really shouldn’t be so concerned about it. And wow two years! That’s fantastic!

      And thanks! It does look heavy doesn’t it? Haha. It’s really not that bad :)

  40. That soup looks really good! I wish there was a Wagamama near me. :) LOVE your beads!

    • Thanks Betty! :)

  41. Don’t be jealous about the Victoria’s Secret Lip Butter!… hehe~ For one thing, it wasn’t that good. The other is that it’s discontinued because it didn’t get much love.

    How much is custom duty and import tax to UK from US?

    • Oh haha.

      Custom duty and import tax…expensive! For an order of about £200, I paid about £70. It’s probably more now with the tax rises and all. Terrible!

  42. Thanks for the comment on my outfit post :)! I see you’re already racking up the comments, I’d say you haven’t disappointed your readers at all with this post ;)

    • Hey Lyana :). I think sometimes it’s a bit of a hit and miss haha. But thanks! ;)

  43. hi sharon!!

    yeah, this was actually the first time i’ve ever tried it… it took a couple mess-ups… but then you kinda figure out and its a breeze!! totally recommend it!! love to here about your adventures with it if you try!


    - aimee

    • Hi Aimee! I will definitely write about it – very likely to make a mess of it too haha :)

  44. What a cute outfit! Love the girly top with the menswear inspired vest. And the crunchy looking gyozas… your whole entire meal, yummmm.

    P.S. I haven’t really tinkered with blogger so much… so I have NOOO idea about the Name/URL option. I’ll ask around and try to get back to you! xo

    • Thanks Sharon! :)

      And thanks for that too. Hope you figure it out and let me know! :) xo

  45. This is a great blog, not only great writing but it has a great layout. Love your style and the food!

    • Thanks Kara :)

  46. beautiful necklace!!love it!

    • Thanks Shirley! :)

  47. Hi Sharon: your food photos are making me drool here!! They look so yummy. I love your outfit and how you style a feminine lace top with a cute vest, very adorable. Don’t let the stress ruin the fun of blogging because it will feel more like a duty not hobby. Obviously you have come to the direction because your readers including me love what you have to share. Happy blogging :)

    • Thanks Nelah! You’re definitely right, it shouldn’t be a duty :). And thanks for your encouraging comment too :).

  48. Thanks for this! Looks delicious!

    • Thanks for dropping by Chang :)

  49. The food looks so delicious, love that rice. As for the necklace, definitely pretty and looks lovely with the outfit :)

    • The rice did taste really good :). And thanks! :)

  50. Darling outfit, and the food looks amazing. I think we have a Wagamama in Seattle. I’ll have to check it out!


    • Thanks Kristi :). I had no idea Wagamama was in the States as well. Definitely try them at some point :)

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