Butterscotch Stained Glass (Candy Filled) Cookies

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Jess is hosting an Aspiring Bakers Challenge #3 and you can find more details at the link to the challenge on her website there. ‘Aspiring‘ being the word of emphasis here for me. In short, it is a challenge to bake your favourite Chinese New Year cookies. I was quite excited about this because challenges give me a chance to think of and do something different.

I decided to bake Butterscotch Cookies, which I have made before using my mom’s recipe at www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com. You might want to check out her original recipe too, as I made some minor changes to it. It tastes REALLY GOOD.

I made a few different shapes of the cookies. I came across Stained Glass Cookies somewhere ages ago and always wanted to try it out. So I did this time, using the Butterscotch Cookie recipe.


250 g butter
1 C sugar
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 tbsp golden syrup
2 C plain flour
1/4 C corn flour
1/4 C rice flour (you can just use 2 and 1/2 cups of plain flour to make things easier)
Assorted colours of hard candy


  1. Beat butter, sugar, vanilla essence, and golden syrup until light and creamy. That’s what golden syrup looks like for those who might not know what it is.

    Beat Until Light And Creamy

  2. Add in flour and mix into dough-like texture.

    Butterscotch Cookie Dough

  3. Cut out cookie shapes of your choice, and another shape from the middle of it to place the candy pieces. Crush the candy pieces and place in the inside shape of the cookie (I’m wording this terribly, so just look at the picture below).

    Cookie Shapes Filled With Crushed Candy

  4. Lay on baking tray lined with grease proof paper. Bake in pre-heated oven of 180°C for about 10 minutes.
  5. Leave to cool completely before removing from tray. And there you have it!

Butterscotch Stained Glass Cookies

Heart shapes because Chinese New Year is a time where families get together and have a great time, more so than Christmas. What didn’t really work was mixing the different candy colours. Because when they melted they just all mixed together and the lighter colours get covered up by the darker ones. So next time I’d probably fill ONE cookie with ONE colour instead of trying to make it look multicoloured.

Because this challenge was Chinese New Year themed, I also made these other cookies with the same dough.

Butterscotch Gong Xi Cookie Shapes

I did not have a cutter for this. I cut out the words completely by hand!! Took me over an hour just writing these two words, “Gong Xi”, so I didn’t write the next two, “Fa Cai”. The full Chinese saying is meant to be Gong Xi Fa Cai. I now know I wrote the second Chinese word slightly wrong, but I’m not Chinese educated and not too great with my writing skills!

Butterscotch Gong Xi Cookies

I was quite surprised it came out as well as it did!

AND because Valentine’s Day is coming up, I made a little lovestruck face.

Lovestruck Butterscotch Cookies

I also love making little buttons with dough. It’s probably my favourite cookie shape. And of course, I can’t help but take a bite before it’s even fully cooled down!

Butterscotch Button Cookies


My dad, who is super-ly Chinese educated, was so proud that I tried to write Chinese by myself and did quite well that he wanted to BUY my cookies.

I charged him £20 a piece. Is that extortionate? *wink*

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  1. hmmmmmm that seems delicious!!!!! I have to try this x

    • Thanks!

  2. wow beautiful cookies

    • Thanks :)

  3. Wow, you are so talented!

    • Haha not really, but glad you think so ;)

  4. How large were the cookies? Perhaps 20 pounds is reasonable. I can’t get over how beautiful they look! Will you be selling them soon? I hope that you wine the contest.

    • Pretty big, but not quite worth £20 I think lol. And thanks! No no, just for home eating :)

  5. wow I could eat them all like cookie monster! Great job! xo

    • Lol thanks girl :)

  6. oh my Sharon, you certainly outdone yourself again! these butterscotch cookies looks so divine! i wouldn’t mind paying £20 a piece *winks*

    • Thanks Jess!

  7. These are just beautiful…what a lovely idea :)

    • Thank you :)

  8. Hi Sharon!

    Finally have time to sit down and really enjoy some blogging today. Weekends are hectic for us. Firstly, thank you for always leaving such sweet and sincere comments on my blog. It always makes me smile to see your comments. I will surely give K a hug for you and Mary. She was so excited to see her picture on your Mom’s blog.

    Secondly, great job with the cookies! Too funny about not finishing the gong xi fa cai! That made me lol. Definite A for effort though. Plus, I think you got a pretty good sell on them, but your Dad got the real prize ;-). They’re pretty well done! Loving the lovestruck face too :-D.

    Lastly, never stop learning. Your enthusiasm to try new things is so very inspiring, Sharon. Keep at it! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

    • LeQuan sweetie, I always smile when I read your comments too :). Thank you for always being so encouraging, it’s definitely what keeps me going! Thanks about the cookies haha. Hope you have a great weekend! :D

      • it’s always my pleasure :-D
        i also forgot to tell you how much i loved the look of the cookies before all the candy melted too. glad you got a picture of that before putting them into the oven. too bad they didn’t stay that way with the different colours. still a job very well done though.

        • Hehe, thanks LeQuan. My mom was saying perhaps not to crush the candy and it might melt better. Saves time too! Will probably give that a go next time :)

  9. Hi, great cookies! And enjoyed reading very much :)

    • Thanks Lydia :)

  10. These stained glass cookies are so pretty! I can’t believe the ones with the Chinese writing- how in the world did you get such detail? Great job with these!

    • Thanks Betty! It took me a good hour plus, because I cut it out with a butter knife and scissors to dig out the dough lol.

  11. These are so pretty, Sharon! I’ve always admired stained glass cookies but I’ve never tried making them myself…I need to! I love how these are so easily customized for any occasion!

    • Oh Faith, I bet yours would come out much better! Hope to see yours sometime! :)

  12. ?????Those cookies are perfectly festive and delicious!

    • Thanks Angie! Haha :)

  13. strange…I typed “gong xi gong xi”…instead, they appeared as question marks….I guess I again used the wrong keyboard system…urgh…..

    • Ohhh!! I was wondering what you meant by the question marks lol. No worries, keyboard systems can be confusing! Gong xi fa cai to you too! :D

  14. those words that you made on the cookies look great! this is definately not easy, good job!

    • Thanks Lena! They did take me a very long time haha.

  15. This is so special and very pretty! Thanks for joining Aspiring Bakers! Happy Rabbit Year to you! :)

    • Thanks! I had a lot of fun with Aspiring Bakers. Especially looking at everybody else’s bakes! What a wonderful parade of CNY cookies! Happy New Year to you too! Gong xi fa cai!

  16. Crushed candy inside the cookies sounds like a great idea, looks vibrant and wat a lovely cookies!

    • Thanks Ananda! :)

  17. I just love the Chinese letters on the cookies! I would buy them from you too, though maybe at not such an extortionists price! :)
    although to me they are a work of art!

    • Haha it’s only because it’s my dad ;). And thanks! :)

  18. hi everyone!, I’m new on here and glad to be a part of the threaded.

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for popping by and hope you drop back soon! :)

  19. Beautiful! I was hoping you’d tell me where you got the fabulous cutters to do the chinese letters! By hand? Very very precise! Very good!
    Cookies look delicious too!

    • Thanks! :) I didn’t have cutters for that actually. Did it all by hand and it took ages.

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