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Girls Are Talkative

All girls talk a lot. It’s an inherent talent we are born with. So no surprise that we spend hours and hours and even more hours on the telephone. And work up a super high phone bill every month. It’s almost as if we need to use up a certain quota of words everyday or we might explode.

When I was on holiday recently, I came across a mini museum of telephones. I had to take a look. I mean come on, half my life is spent with the phone stuck to my ear. It’s practically a permanent attachment. And all because Alexander Graham Bell, the great inventor of the telephone, decided to take paper-cups-connected-with-string to a whole new level. I knew that without even having to look it up – am I a nerd or what? Honestly, what person puts “telephone museum” on their holiday itinerary.

Old phones

More Old Phones
Even More Old Phones
Last one I promise!

Pretty cool huh? Or maybe not.

To make up for this boring display of phones through the ages, here’s a funny video.

It’s not a myth, it really is true. Girls are born talkative. Is she cute or what?


Malaysian Ais Kachang

All this snow reminds me of the infamous Malaysian treat called Ais Kachang (“bean ice”). Also known as ABC, which stands for “Ais Batu Campur” meaning “mixed stone ice”. Doesn’t make much sense but it’s basically shaved ice with beans and different types of jello, topped off with a mixture of syrups. Sometimes you get sweet corn in it too. And depending where you go, a generous dollop of ice cream on top.

So refreshing on a hot, sunny day at 35°C. Which is pretty much every single day, all year round in Malaysia.

The best ABC you will ever have is at Putrajaya, in the mall nearby the mosque.

Malaysian Ais Kachang at Putrajaya

Doesn’t it look like a handful of snow covered in sweet syrup? With this terrible blizzard going on, I could make a 5,238 bowls just from the snow in my backyard. Or 7,482 mocha frappucinos!

Or I could just curl up with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa.