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L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

The food by world-renowned French chef, Joël Robuchon, is probably the best food I have ever eaten. No surprise, since his restaurant in The Landmark boasts 2 Michelin stars, among the 25 others he has from his restaurants in other major cities of the world.

They start you off with the best bread in the whole world. I had to restrain myself because they let you have as many as you want. I knew there was more food coming, so I had to strategize and save some room to maximize the amount of food I could fit into my tummy. I know that sounds incredibly greedy. But as much as I would love it to be or think it is sometimes, my stomach is not a bottomless pit. So I just had a couple of tiny croissants. And I mean tiny.

Mini Croissants

I have never been more in love with croissants.

Then they gave us what they call ‘palette cleansers’. I can’t remember what it was really called. It was warm, creamy and had a bit of a coffee taste to it.

'Palette Cleanser'

After the ‘palette cleanser’, they served us artichoke soup. I wish I had a photo of it now but I was preoccupied with trying to swallow each spoonful. I couldn’t say I didn’t like it in a sophisticated restaurant like this now, could I? I’ve just never had artichoke before and I think it’s somewhat of an acquired taste.

But the starters were absolutely genius. We had the King Alaskan crab wrapped in crispy noodles with mango purée and thai green curry sauce, and duck pâté. I wasn’t too fond of the pâté but the crab was simply gorgeous.

King Alaskan Crab
Duck Pâté

Now for the main. We had cod, salmon with mango pieces and, if I remember correctly, something like raw minced beef. They serve it all with mashed potato on the side. And it is the most thick and velvety mashed potato you will ever taste. I just have to learn the secret to making it. I had the cod, and it was simply beautiful. I have never tasted fish THIS good!! With each bite it was like I died and went to heaven.

Fried Cod With Sauce
Salmon With Mango and Mashed Potato

The mashed potato are the two scoops on the side. See how thick, velvety and creamy it is?

I can’t quite remember exactly what the next dish is called. And I think it’s potato on top, or maybe cheese. But it’s raw minced beef underneath I think. I remember thinking there is no way I could ever eat raw beef.

Minced Beef Topped With Potato

And now to indulge in dessert! I ordered passionfruit pudding with pieces of mango and clementines topped with homemade mango ice cream. But they also had a little dessert trolley loaded with everything any person with a sweet-tooth could possibly love. My stomach felt like it was going to explode and I was still trying to stuff my face with dessert, cake, pies and pastries.

Passionfruit Pudding With Mango and Clementine
Assorted Dessert
Pies And Pastries

And if you love your wine, there’s always a great selection of every cheese possible.

Assorted Cheese

And as a goodbye, they leave you with strawberry macaroons accompanied by gold-dusted chocolate pieces and sugar-coated gummies.

Strawberry Macaroons

It was a hugely satisfying and lavish lunch with superb food and great company. I had the best time, even if I had a slight disagreement with the artichoke soup. It was a great atmosphere and the service was fantastic. Slightly embarassed to be snapping photos of the food in the restaurant, but I couldn’t help myself. I just had to chronicle the wonderfulness that is Joël Robuchon’s food. There is no rival.


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    Great Bert

    December 16, 2010

    Great article, and what excellent food.

    • Reply

      Sharon Moh

      December 17, 2010

      It really is!

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    Simply Life

    December 27, 2010

    oh what a beautiful presentation!

    • Reply

      Sharon Moh

      December 29, 2010

      It is indeed. Though obviously I just took the photos :)

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    April 17, 2011

    How did I miss this post? Holy moly, food porn! How jealous am I right now? Glad you had a great time. 

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