Healthy Homemade Christmas Tree Noodles

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Hello and welcome to my first post in a series of Apron Wisdom, where I will be trying out recipes from all the wonderful food bloggers I have come to know and, quite frankly, cook better than me. What better way to learn to cook?!

It just so happens that I also came across the Quickies: Morning, Noon and Night Challenge posted by Denise from Quickies on the Dinner Table and Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks! The challenge is to prepare a noodle dish with an interesting twist that is creative, delicious sounding and out-of-the-box. And the prize is Denise’s amazing cookbook!

Quickies Cookbook

I love “out-of-the-box” challenges so I came up with a few ideas and decided to go with a Christmas Tree plan. Taking my mom’s original plain homemade hand-pulled noodles recipe, I added my own twist and made it with a sauce that I’ve completely made up myself. And since my mom is away, I torpedoed her kitchen for this endeavour because she has the equipment that I don’t. I made a huge mess – don’t tell her. Visit her blog for more food recipes at


2C plain flour
3/4C water (I replaced this with freshly squeezed spinach juice)
1/2 t salt

1 tbsp Kikoman soy sauce
1 tsp salt
1 and 1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp white wine vinegar


  1. Mix the salt and spinach juice first. Place flour in a bowl and slowly stir in spinach juice while mixing with a chopstick.

    Mixing Spinach Juice and Flour

  2. Once it starts clumping together, use your hands to mix and knead well.
  3. Once it becomes dough, cover it and leave for an hour or so (and clean up the mess you’ve made thus far). Or, you can make different dough shapes.

    Kneading Dough

  4. Come back to it and knead some more. Sorry about this, but I really couldn’t help myself.

    Knead Dough Again

  5. To make the noodle strips, roll out a flat piece of dough and cut strips using a knife. I didn’t read my mom’s recipe properly so I didn’t oil the dough and it made it much more difficult to make! I also thought the strips had to be super tiny so it took me a longggg time to do this. Please check her post for the proper method!! And, uh, you also probably shouldn’t cut the dough directly on your counter top!

    Cutting Noodle Strips

  6. Boil the strips in a pot of water. You can tell it’s cooked when it floats to the top. Don’t leave it floating for too long because it’ll sink again and the noodles will be very soggy and turns a dirty green colour. I know this because it happened with my first batch and I had to throw it away!
  7. Take out the cooked noodles and leave in a bowl with a tiny bit of olive oil to keep it from sticking too much. I loved how the colour turned out! I was pleasantly surprised.

    Cooked Noodles

  8. Mix the ingredients for the sauce and toss the noodles in it so it’s fully coated.
  9. Place the noodles on a plate in such a way that you make a little tree shape. I tried to stuff it in a cone but it just collapsed into a pile of noodles. I also tried wrapping the noodles around a cone shape but it didn’t work. So this was the best way.
  10. Use a few pieces of white noodles to wrap around the tree.
  11. You can cut out a star and stick it to a toothpick to put on top of the tree. I used a heart shape with the number 14 because that’s the closing date of the competition!
  12. Serve with salad and small tomatoes on the side.

Healthy Homemade Christmas Tree Noodles

This was the first, and probably the last, time I ever made noodles. Cutting and cooking the strips of noodles took me three hours last night and I only finished making the tree itself at about 11:30 pm. Add two hours before that for making the dough and all in all, it took me more than five hours in total! My mom makes this in about 20 minutes. I obviously took longer making the strips because didn’t follow her method, so if you want to make your own noodles, definitely follow her way!

Making noodles was perhaps far too ambitious and I might do it again, but not for a very long while. By the end of it, I wish I had little elves to help me clean up! The noodles tasted really good, and I had it with some chicken on the side. So healthy! And I should emphasize that there is NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURING in this. It is simply spinach juice.

I can’t wait to see what other people have created! It’s all so exciting!


  1. Oh woooooow…….just amazing!!!!!! I just like it! I really hope you win! You have outshone me…looks like only when I am away…haha. I love that heart and worm dough….too cute! But then I’m screaming here….you cut straight on the kitchen top! :(( I hope my kitchen is still in one piece when I get back.

    • I’m sorryyyyy!! This took a lot of coordination and I completely forgot about the kitchen top. Don’t worry, I don’t see any scratches :D. And by the way….that was meant to be a heart and the LETTER ‘S’. Not a WORM lol. Glad you like it, it’s pretty cool huh? And yeah, it’s because when you’re away I have free reign to your kitchen!

  2. Hi Sharon, You’re very creative like your mom and I love the green color of your noodles. Really hope you can win. Good luck :)

    • Thank you! I hope so too haha but I’m sure there’s plenty of others out there with better stuff!

  3. wow i love your creativity! this looks awesome! I hope that you will win! Good Luck!

    • Haha thanks!

  4. Omg, Sharon, you and your mom are way too cute. If it’s any consolation, I knew that was an “S”, but it was too cute to read Mary’s comment. Moms will always see the little girls in their well, little girls ;-)

    I LOVE your tree, Sharon! You’re definitely Mary’s daughter :-D. I really hope you win. I truly do! I can see you put a lot of heart into this. Not so much for your Mom’s countertop lol. Best of luck, dear!

    Denise and Lazaro, my vote is on this magical tree!

    • I’m so glad you knew it was an “S”. I don’t know how my mom thought it was a worm haha. She says funny things like this all the time.

      Thanks for the vote and loving my tree! I spent hours thinking of ideas for their challenge and hours more actually making it. I would be completely over the moon if I won. And it’d be the first cookbook I’ll have ever properly owned! Can’t wait to see what others thought up though :D

  5. Keep cooking, remarkable job!

    • Thank you! :)

  6. That is some out of the box creativity right there! You should win this, I hope you do.

    • Thanks :)

  7. Sharon,

    Fun, smart and creative entry into the Quickies Challenge. Thank you very much for taking the time (3 hours) to create such a fantastic dish. Hope Mom goes easy on you for “torpedoing” her kitchen.

    Making your own noodles is a worthwhile endeavor for sure. Love the color – striking.

    Be well

    • Thanks Lazaro :). It was a fun challenge I have to say and I definitely learned something new.

  8. Gosh, you’ve inherited your mum’s creativeness! The X’mas tree noodles look so cool and the green colour is just awesome! Hope you’ll win!

    • Hehe thanks! That’s so sweet of you to say that. Though I’m sure they’ve received plenty creative entries :)

  9. Hi Sharon :)

    I had no idea until now, that you are Mary’s daughter!!! What a lovely surprise!

    It seems cooking and blogging runs in the blood ;)

    I think your entry is absolutely adorable and the green of the noodles is just gorgeous – this is out of the box alright LOL

    Thanks for supporting our challenge and best of luck to you!

  10. oh girl you are super talented and it looks awesome every Christmassy :)

    • Thanks! Yeah, I was thinking of Christmas at the time haha

  11. Wonderful post and lovely creative noodles, you are the best.

    • Haha thanks! :)

  12. Just came over from your mom’s site- I love those noodles! Thanks to both of you. :) Wishing you all the best in 2011. :)

    • Hi Betty! Thanks for dropping by and that you like my noodles :). Hope you have a fantastic 2011 too!

  13. Hi Sharon, I read your mom’s blog and I just discovered your beautiful blog. I just wanted to say that you are extremely talented, like your mother! The noodles look fantastic, what a gorgeous shade of green!

    • Hi Faith, thanks for your comment! Glad you like the noodles :)

  14. Sharon-Your hand cut, handmade spinach noodles are incredible, and I love the shape of the cute heart, and the letter “S” …what a cute idea for a Christmas edible tree…such creativity. Love you, and your mom!

    • Thanks Elisabeth! It was definitely a fun thing to do :)

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