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Father and Son

Sometimes it’s fun just to take photos of random people. Except of course when they catch you snapping away and wonder why this crazy person is taking photos of them.

Father and Son

Don’t they just look like they’re enjoying lazy times?

I think the pink shirt makes this photo. But what do I know.


My Little Sis

My sister and I were dubbed the “Moh Chicks” by those who rolled in our hood (excuse my lame attempt at sounding ghetto). People think we look like twins but we are complete opposites. As far as similarities go, the only thing we had in common are that we’re both girls and we have the same parents. She was sporty, outdoor-sy, loud, tomboyish, loved football and enjoyed all things that I didn’t. I was indoor-sy, girly, enjoyed shopping, played the piano, and loved to read. But we still master-minded many a mischief, and despite getting into lots of trouble over the years (we always got caught!), I love that little chickadee to bits.

Giant Big Sister Hugs

I still love you THIS much. And there is no escaping me.

My baby sister
Tale teller
Room messer
Junk food provider
Secret non-keeper
Closet raider
Chocolate hoarder
Non-stop talker
Personal driver
Mischief partner
Ultimately, my best friend.

“God made us sisters, life made us friends.”

Photography, Travel

A Moo Encounter

We once took a family roadtrip in the Highlands and we were all fidgety, bored, and irritated after being in the car for hours and running out of car games. Then right in the middle of the road, were a group of cows. And not just the standard black and white cows you see on milk cartons and milk commercials. These had horns.

I thought he needed a haircut.

Highland Cow


Rain Rain Go Away

It’s not winter yet but it already feels like it is. And I hate the cold. The gale force winds threaten to blow me away into nothingness, the rain peppers me with more chills and shivers, and the long dark days send me spiralling downward into an endless pit of gloom and despair. If there was snow, it would be worth getting wet and frozen to build a snow city with miniature snow citizens. But there is no potential for fun outdoors. I just want to stay in bed. Under the warmth and comfort of my beloved duvet.

I want to hibernate.

But no, instead I am sitting in the car, in the rain, wishing I was sun-bathing on an exotic island in the tropics. I thought I should make the most of my situation, so I whipped out my camera.

Rain in the City

Nothing but a bus to add colour to the bleak picture. Somewhat artistic. I like this picture. It was worth going out in the rain after all.

Ahhh the simple pleasures. Life is good again.