I Love Close Ups

I have always loved photography. I carry a small Canon camera with me everywhere I go. My trusty IXUS 300 in a sexy black. There have been far too many incidents where I had the perfect photo op but want to kick myself when I realize a camera is nowhere to be found. The thought of life passing swiftly by as I desperately try to cling onto the memories is too disconcerting that I need a means of freezing every instant out of time. Yes, I am hugely and overly sentimental. I also keep every movie ticket and other seemingly insignificant scraps of paper to stick into my old-falling-apart scrapbook. Nothing escapes me. I am cheesey like that.

But I also do love taking close up photos of very random objects. This was by the harbour where people tied their boats to the pier so they don’t mysteriously float away and disappear into the unknown. At least that’s what I think would happen, I make things up. I’m not too great at naming my photos though and the best I could come up with for this is The Knot. So original and creative. So not.

Aha get it? Not Knot. I can’t believe my lame humour surfaced so soon and I gave myself away. I should get back to doing the laundry. Till next time! If you come back.

The Knot


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    March 6, 2011

    This right here, this is why you read the beginning of one’s blogs. You learn little cute facts about them. Your humor is not lame at all, and don’t ever be afraid to show it because it would certainly be our loss.

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      Sharon Moh

      March 7, 2011

      You’re always so sweet girl lol. :)

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