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Phantom of The Opera

Ever seen the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera musical? Isn’t it just romantic and full of great songs? I’ve always wanted to watch it in the theatre and was able to go at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London some time ago (finally!).

I was spinning myself giddy with glee.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I only have one word for you. GO. Or you’re seriously missing out!

Her Majesty’s Theatre

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Veromoda Elbow Patches

I’m a nerd at heart. I love math, science and imaginary numbers. So no surprise that I think elbow patches are so cool and I’ve always wanted some. Especially those that come on tweed jackets. I’ve always been tempted to cut the elbows off my jackets and sewing patches onto them. I love customizing my clothes, though I really can’t be trusted with scissors. When I was about 5, I loved cutting diamond-shaped holes in my pajamas. AND my sister’s. She allowed it because she was only 3 (and easily corrupted by her oh-so-angelic big sister). It was like an amazing discovery for me because cutting a triangle out of material that was folded in half, gives you a diamond!


I thought it was pure genius. It’s in a girl’s nature to love diamonds, what can I say. Also in a math geek’s nature to love practical geometry. I got into A LOT trouble eventually when mom did the laundry. But not before I got through quite a few pajamas and made her chase me around the room. She should thank me for keeping her in shape.

But I digress. Trust me, elbow patches look fantastic.

Fashion advice coming from a nerd, I think not!

Ok I probably deserved that.

But I was real ecstatic to find a sheer black cardigan the other day. With (you guessed it) elbow patches!

Veromoda Cardigan

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Best Way To Eat Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Has it really been four days since my last post? Where has all the time gone! I don’t think I’ve ever left blogging for quite so long but the past week has been so busy that my head is spinning like the little Tasmanian Devil. You’ve seen that cartoon right? Between work, giving makeovers (which turned out brilliantly by the way), studying, training and travelling – ever wished you could clone yourself sometimes? I even arrived at the airport and completely walked out without claiming my luggage. There I was making comments about how I hope the airline doesn’t lose my luggage and what do I do when it arrives?

I walk out without it.

When I realized what I did, the security guard wouldn’t let me back in! He sent me all the way to the other end of the building where some other security people could advise me on the next procedure.”Fine time to pick to travel in heels!” I get there and they said I had to call the airline. GREAT. More people to explain this embarassing story to. I called them and the first thing they asked was, “How did you not know to collect your luggage?”

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Peachy Pink At Wagamama

Firstly, I have to apologize for being MIA in the blogging world for the past few days. Mostly because I was busy, partly because it scared me a little to receive so many comments for my last post.

What?! Scared?! What you on about girl?!

Yes I know it’s a good sign that people like it – but now I can’t help but hope my next post measures up! You know I like to give you my best (and not the fluff and lint in my pockets).

So here’s me going to lunch the other day at Wagamama. Again. Despite almost never wanting to step into the restaurant in the first place. But today was a momentous time in visits-to-Wagamama-history to be commemorated because I found THE dish that I will be ordering every single time I come here.

We had ebi gyoza to start.

Wagamama Ebi Gyoza

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Drapeback Coast Top

I get the feeling that most people think that I look a lot younger than I actually am. And I love it. But sometimes I wonder just how young people actually think I am! Because I’m very aware that my writing, the mishaps in the kitchen, how I dress, or my current short haircut (I always spare you my serious and professional side) can give the impression I’m about 10! That’s why I decided to dress a little more grown up today. Makes a change from my usual faded jeans and ketchup-stained sweater. I’m a messy eater, what can I say.

I bought this top from Coast about a month ago but never wore it so it’s time to whip it out. Check out their website for more amazing clothes! Online shopping is one of my many weaknesses and will be the end of me. But they have some of the most drop-dead-gorgeous gowns and dresses how can a girl resist!

Black and White

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